Nine Ways To Bide Your Time Waiting for The Hobbit

Like many LoTR geeks out there, I figured that when Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy finally ended, that was going to be it. There was a sense of finality, a feeling that I’d endured a great journey myself, following the film from its early rumors at the end of the 90s to the […]


Beer Slogans Quiz

Our friends over at have a fun quiz on beer slogans. Go give it a whirl and see how well you do! We scored 90%! Turns out, we knew less than we thought about Japanese beers…

Making Talent Shows More Interesting: With Beer!

Sorry folks, while this isn’t really geeky in itself, I just couldn’t help but posting it. Editor’s note: As far as I’m concerned, Heineken beer tastes like total crap, but you have to admit, the people behind this ad are marketing geniuses! Via [Mister Honk]

Six Geeky Drinks for the Dungeons and Dragons Table

I’m of the mind that, especially when it comes to D&D and gaming, there’s no such thing as too much ambiance. While I don’t recommending getting out-of-your mind drunk while playing (certainly gets in the way of focusing, and unless you’re in the middle of a tavern scene , it can make for some truly […]