Toonami Returns on May 26, 2012

When you go to Adult Swim’s website, this little graphic pops up for a few seconds. Could it really be? I wouldn’t expect Cartoon Network to make any formal announcements. I suspect their viral strategy is to keep us waiting, and wanting, until next Saturday. What series would you like to see aired on Toonami?

My Day As a Cosplay Model, Part 1

> We all love looking at great photos of cosplayers, but what we see is just the end result of a long and rigorous process. Resident cosplayer Meredith / Ana Aesthetic takes us behind the scenes of a typical day in front of the camera, and offers up some tips to those looking to delve […]

Synthetic Singer Touring the World [Video]

When the synthesizer came onto the music scene it made a lasting impact. Will synthetic singers and performers have the same effect? The world’s only currently touring synthetic performer, CV01 Hatsune Miku, is brought to life by a software called Vocaloid, which was designed primarily by Hideki Kenmochi. She had a sold out concert in […]

Professional Cosplay Videos

I know as much about anime as I do quantum physics. But one thing I do know is that all those cosplayers at cons spend a lot of time, effort, and money to get their costumes just right. Unfortunately, all that hard work is usually captured by low-resolution digital cameras, poor lighting, and boring, static […]