Top 10 Action Movies of All Time

It’s tough to say what the greatest action movies of all time are because there are so many, but here, WatchMojo let’s us know what it thinks are the greatest action movie of all time (and they do have some great picks).

The Division: Making Weapons Feel New for a New RPG

The question the team behind The Division asked themselves when they started making their game was, how do we make guns feel new in this game when they have been used a million different ways before? When you watch this and see the unique approach they took to the guns in the game, it will […]

One Punch Man – Origins

One Punch Man is the new anime series (based off the web series) that is taking the anime world by storm. Hell, it is taking the whole world by storm. Thing is, this series came out of nowhere and suddenly is the new reigning king. What this means is there are a whole bunch of […]

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – All Attack Cutscenes

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a lot of buzz right now. Taking it from tactical play in war zones to gameplay that is more akin to stopping war-time home invasions, this game has people drooling at the thought of Rainbow Six being the amazing series it once was. Check out all the “attack” […]

Top 10 Power Rangers Outfits

Okay, even I”ll admit, this is a strange one. Who would think one could put together a list of the top ten Power Ranger outfits? Well, thank god WatchMojo do not shy away from a challenge (even if they are stretching it a bit with this one). Not that it matters, but I am a […]

Augs, Augs, Augs: 6 Things We’re Excited for in Deus Ex Mankind Divided

The versatility and variety in the way you can achieve your goals in the Deus Ex games have always been what has drawn people to them. But will the new Deus Ex offer up the same kind of freedom, or will we be forced to use our guns more than our minds? Check this video […]

Rainbow Six Siege – Celebrity Reactions [Video]

In this spot, you will see various celebrities reacting to the Siege sections of the new Rainbow Six: Siege game. This is to show you that the game is awesome and celebrities are just like us. The main difference being they were most likely paid massive sums to allow their faces to be used for […]

Top 10 Movie Car Crashes

Car crashes suck, unless they are from movies and not real, at which point they are totally awesome. Here are some of the best car crashes from movies. If your computer seat has a belt buckle, we suggest buckling up before watching this. Just kidding. That’s a stupid and pointless idea. Unless you are wearing […]