The End Of The Mouse Is Nigh?

In 1963, while working at Stanford University, Dr. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse. By 1970, he had successfully applied for and received the US patent for this revolutionary device, but would never receive a single penny in royalties for his creation. His patent expired in 1987, which was a year or two before the explosion […]

Would You Like To Download The Latest Episode Of Prison Break? Okay, That’ll Be $62,000

IT worker Ian Dobsyn of Greater Manchester got a rude awakening when he returned from a holiday in Portugal to find a mobile phone bill from Yes Telecom for £31,500 ($62,000) on his doormat. That’s a lot of late-night drunk calls to his ex-girlfriends back home, right? Not at all. Mr Dobsyn hardly made any […]

Controversy Erupts Over Secret Cell Phone Tracking

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] You may have been part of a scientific study and not even known it. New word is out this week that researchers used cell phone towers and call records to secretly track every step made by 100,000 people — without ever getting their permission. The study, conducted by Boston’s […]

FBI Warns Wi-Fi Users to be Wary of Public Hot Spots

With the increasing amount of WiFi hot spots everywhere, the FBI is warning people to be careful when connecting to unknown wireless networks. Without the proper protection, it is fairly easy for a villain to capture information broadcasted from your system while being connected to a rogue or compromised access point. Since most laptops are […]

Cell Phone Security: Using your Phone to Monitor your Home

————– By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] This week, we’re talking cell phone secrets — easy-to-use services that can help you unlock the hidden powers of your phone. I started by showing you a bunch of ways to get more for your money with cool services like Braincast and Cellfire. But today, we’re taking on […]

Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored?

It connects you to the world, but your cell phone could also be giving anyone from your boss to your wife a window into your every move.  The same technology that lets you stay in touch on-the-go can now let others tap into your private world — without you ever even suspecting something is awry.

Going online with that wi-fi comrade?

By Mark O’Neill Russia is a country that I love but it is also a country that fills me with despair. While it is rich with history, culture and wonderful people, it also can’t decide whether it wants to be free or whether it likes to be stamped on by a dictator’s foot. It seems […]

Cell Phone Payment: A Cash Machine in your Pocket

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] We’ve all been there. You’re waiting in line when suddenly you reach for your back pocket…and realize your wallet isn’t there. Well, good news, fellow geeks: The days of needing cash or even a credit card to pay for purchases are almost behind us. The cell phone is gaining […]