How I Use My Mobile Internet Device

By Xavier Lanier Guest Blogger I’ve been using a mobile internet device for the past couple of months and have enjoyed the experience so far. My MID of choice is the Viliv S5 and I’ve used it much more than I expected to. I’m a Web publisher and spend most of time online, so it’s […]

FCC boss tackling broadband shortfall and mobile competition

The new head of the Federal Communications Commission says broadband provision will be the agency’s top priority under his leadership. He also confirmed the commission will examine exclusivity agreements with cellphone handsets. Julius Genachowski (pictured), who had not previously served as a commissioner, took office as chairman on 29 June. He’s now given his first […]

Dodgy cellphone signal? Plug in your own mast!

Vodafone has launched a device which boosts reception for cellphones in the homes of British customers. It’s the first time the device, known as a femtocell, has been launched to consumers in Europe. The device (pictured, via works by routing cellphone signals through a home broadband connection. The femtocell, which simply plugs into the […]

Palm smartphone carrier at the end of its tether

Palm has “politely” asked a website to block users discussing how to use its latest smartphone to provide internet access to a computer. It’s a sign of how cautious the firm is to avoid upsetting Sprint, with which it has an exclusive carrier deal. The Palm Pre launched earlier this week to generally strong reviews. […]

iPhone App Vetting Still a Lottery

Apple’s iPhone app vetting has taken another knock with one product removed to avoid a lawsuit and another accepted after initially being banned for spurious reasons. The changes come as bloggers note that iPhone app developers have the chance to outperform Google – but at the same time stand little chance of making much cash. […]

Giant Kindle targets commuters and students

Amazon is set to unveil a new Kindle reader with a much larger screen designed for newspapers and magazines. The new model may also be an attempt to capture the textbook market. The company has a press conference scheduled for a New York university tomorrow, but the news of the device has already broken. Pictures […]

Kindle finds a mature audience

According to one estimate, half of all Kindle owners are aged 50 or above. The sampling method was far from scientific, but if anything, could have understated the proportion of older users. The figure comes via the Kindle Culture blog, which analyzed responses to a thread in the official Amazon Kindle forum asking how old […]

Speed the key to next-gen Bluetooth

The next version of Bluetooth technology should mean lower power consumption, higher transfer speeds and wireless syncing of music and video libraries between computers and portable devices. The changes are part of Bluetooth 3.0, which effectively became official today when the industry’s Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) agreed to adopt the standard. It’s the last […]