Pepsi condemned as tasteless

Pepsi has apologized after being criticized over a promotional application for the iPhone which claims to help men pick up different types of women. The AMP UP Before Your Score app offers a three-pronged approach to dealing with the fairer sex. Firstly, it provides useful tips for approaching 24 different types of women. Then it […]

Too cold to brave your driveway? There’s an app for that

As slimline as the iPhone is, things still get crowded in the pockets of modern folk leading busy lives. One new app aims to ease that crowding a little by removing the need to carry car keys. Yes, as bizarre as it may sound, you can now start your car using an iPhone. It’s a […]

Kindle Goes International, Launches in Over 100 Countries

I’ve yet to jump on the Kindle bandwagon, mostly because I can’t afford it. But I’m not one of those naysayers, really. Granted, if I ever do get my hands on an e-reader I’m not going to pack up my books and give them away; I actually collect old books, and would never think to […]

New Verizon Commercial Spoofs iPhone Ad: “There’s a map for that.”

Apparently if you were watching the Vikings play the Packers on Monday Night Football (and weren’t taking a bathroom break during the commercials), you saw the new Verizon ad that spoofs Apple’s “there’s an app for that” campaign. Are you wondering why you (you, being the dude with the Verizon phone) can use all your […]

iPod Nano with radio integration: too little too late?

I will confess, I haven’t thought about the radio much in the last few years. The only station I listen to in my car is an all-Classical station that doesn’t play commercials. When I’m not listening to WCPE, I’ve got my iPod Shuffle out and, most importantly, I have complete control over what I listen […]

10 Geeky Car Mods and Must-Have Accessories

So, your Geek Squad application was turned down, and now your dreams of driving the ultimate Geek-Mobile have vanished like Minovsky particles in the wind? No worries, here are 10 geeky car mods and must-have car accessories–listed in order of increasing awesomeness–that will make you forget all about the blank space on your door where […]

Wireless networks face off in electronic reader battle

Verizon is to provide wireless support for a new electronic reading device, produced by iRex. It means all three of the largest US wireless networks now have an involvement in the market. iRex already has two electronic readers, the iLiad and the Digital Reader 1000 series. However, the Verizon deal is for a forthcoming model, […]

The Geek Wish List: Day Two

WiFi detector shirt With a list price of $29.99, this could spell an end to walking round city centers surreptitiously opening up your laptop and checking for WiFi signals before you commit to placing your latte order. The shirt glows to show both the presence of a WiFi signal and its strength. It’s powered by […]