MB LED : A LED-Based Interactive Puzzle

Last year, we told you guys about GLiP, an interactive LED puzzle that was made by by 4 French students as part of their embedded systems architecture course at Télécom ParisTech. Basing themselves on the old project, 3 of these students have taken GLiP to a new level. Check it out: It is inspired from […]

TU Me brings free calls to you

A major cellphone provider has decided it’s not worth the effort of trying to block subscribers from making calls via VOIP services such as Skype. Instead it’s launching its own VOIP service. Telefonica, which offers services in Europe and South America, has dubbed the service TU Me. It’s available initially as an iPhone app with […]

Google Teases a First Look at Project Glass

Google has always been innovative and coming up with the future before we are ready for it. There was talk about a project featuring a device that would deliver the power of the internet in a wearable device and today I tripped over this video on Google’s channel that spills the beans on what they […]

Google to serve ads, come shine or rain

If you think the smarts of your smartphone are more for other people’s benefit than your own, you’re not going to like Google’s latest idea: handset sensors that exist to target advertising based on your environmental conditions. The company has joined Microsoft (remotes that charge you to skip commercials) and Nokia (vibrating tattoos to indicate […]

Now that’s what I call a phone skin

Now and again you hear of a solution that seems to be struggling to find a problem. That certainly seems to be the case with a technology that’s been patented by Nokia: the vibrating tattoo that denotes incoming calls Yes, the company has come up with an idea for apparatus including “a material attachable to […]

Geeky gadgets aplenty at Mobile World Congress

The Consumer Electronic Show may still be king of the gadget fairs, but the boom in smartphones and tablets has meant the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona now runs it a close second. One day in to the 2012 event and there have been some amazing technologies already on display. The most eyecatching is […]

GPS providers prevail in 4G interference war

The Federal Communications Commission has nixed a company’s plan to offer 4G broadband through a new network of cellphone towers and satellites. It ruled that LightSquared’s plans would cause too much interference for GPS devices. The idea was to create a network using the LTE system for mobile data transmission, then wholesale it to wireless […]