QR Codes Under Threat From New Tech

Korean researchers say they’ve found a way to produce an alternative to QR codes that takes up less space, carries far more data, yet costs very little. The solution involves a rectenna, which takes its name from ‘rectifying antenna’ rather than rectangular. It’s effectively a tiny AC/DC converter that works with microwave energy. The idea […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II screen may be “unbreakable”

The successor to the Galaxy Note (first edition pictured) will have a flexible display, but sadly this doesn’t mean it will roll up and fit in your pocket. Instead it will mean the screen is either unbreakable (if you’re a marketer) or nearly unbreakable (if you’re a lawyer.) The Note II will have a 5.5 […]

More Bad News for BlackBerry

In the mobile device world there is a heated battle between the most popular handset creators. Research in Motion’s BlackBerry once tore up the market, but with the onset of the iPhone and then Google’s Android platform, the future is no longer certain. Now, what is certain is that BlackBerry is no longer a real […]

Original Galaxy Tab banned over iPad similarities

Apple has won a rare US sales ban on Samsung’s iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab. But the move is only temporary and required a hefty financial gamble from Apple. The ruling by a Federal court only applies to the original version of the device, known officially as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The current edition, the […]

Mobile tech could make a difference to Africa’s water

Many mobile apps are at best a small measure and convenience and at worst a mere gimmick. But mobile technology in Africa could be a genuine lifesaver. Researchers at Oxford University have developed a system that will allow water hand pumps in rural areas to automatically report a fault when they break down. The BBC […]

“T-ray” technique means ultra-fast wireless

Wireless connections over an ultra high frequency range could mean data transfers at up to 20 times current speeds. Newly published research into the “T-ray” band shows there could be huge potential for the frequencies, which is particularly intriguing as they are currently unregulated by broadcasting authorities. The T in the name stands for terahertz, […]

Nokia targets developing world… and cheapskates

Nokia is targeting what it is calling the “next billion” smartphone users with a couple of handsets that start from $45 without a contract. The specs on the phones won’t wow many buyers in major markets, but the handsets do just about qualify as smartphones. The phones are targeted mainly at locations such as India […]

New smartphone tech: firms are on the case

Traditionally smartphone cases have been largely decorative, with their only practical function being to protect the phone against damage (or, in a certain instance, to allow users to make calls while holding the phone.) Now two different companies have come up with ways to make better use of a case. A company called Freedom Pop […]