The Hard Knock Life Of An Internet Troll [Pic]

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Mozilla rejects takedown-redirect takedown request

Mozilla has refused to axe a Firefox add-on that the government says helps users bypass domain name seizures. MafiaaFire Redirector is an automated tool that works a little like a mail forwarding service but for domain names. It hooks up to a central database that tracks when a site moves from one domain name to […]

Britain Gets a Real Life Farmville

The operators of a British farm are to allow internet users to take over its management. Wimpole Home Farm is run by the National Trust, an organization better known for managing many of the UK’s stately homes. It’s decided to allow 10,000 members of the public to become virtual farmers, playing a role in the […]

Chrome Password Fail: A Good Reason NOT to Save Your Password Locally

If you’re using Chrome as your browser of choice, anyone with access to your computer could easily take a peek at all your saved passwords. All you have to do is: 1-Click on wrench icon on the top right of the browser 2-Click on “Options” 3-On the left of the “options” screen, click on “Personal […]

Internet French Kissing Device

No, I’m not kidding. A Japanese student from The University of Electro-Communications located in Chofu City, Tokyo, has invented an Internet french kissing device. Check it out:

Seized File Sharing Websites Now Displaying Anti-Piracy PSA

Know all these file sharing websites that were closed down by the U.S. authorities in recent months? Well visitors to many of these domain names are now being redirected to this anti-piracy video, which shows how downloading copyrighted material can lead to financial ruin for many workers of the entertainment industry.

Multitasker par Excellence: DDR and Violin [Video]

Who says you can’t do two things at once? YouTuber lara6683 plays violin and Dance Dance Revolution… simultaneously. Lara reports that her score was an A with zero misses, but admits to a few early and late moves.

Ms. Marvel’s Day Off

Yep, the headline says it all. Here’s Ms. Marvel on her day off, mowing her lawn, walking her dog, and pretty much living her life as regular person would, all this to promote the Avengers Assemble webseries. So now that you’ve watched this, you voyeurs can all go back to work now, mmkay? [Via | […]