Internet French Kissing Device

No, I’m not kidding. A Japanese student from The University of Electro-Communications located in Chofu City, Tokyo, has invented an Internet french kissing device. Check it out: Advertisements


Seized File Sharing Websites Now Displaying Anti-Piracy PSA

Know all these file sharing websites that were closed down by the U.S. authorities in recent months? Well visitors to many of these domain names are now being redirected to this anti-piracy video, which shows how downloading copyrighted material can lead to financial ruin for many workers of the entertainment industry.

Multitasker par Excellence: DDR and Violin [Video]

Who says you can’t do two things at once? YouTuber lara6683 plays violin and Dance Dance Revolution… simultaneously. Lara reports that her score was an A with zero misses, but admits to a few early and late moves.

Ms. Marvel’s Day Off

Yep, the headline says it all. Here’s Ms. Marvel on her day off, mowing her lawn, walking her dog, and pretty much living her life as regular person would, all this to promote the Avengers Assemble webseries. So now that you’ve watched this, you voyeurs can all go back to work now, mmkay? [Via | […]

Real Birds Tweeting on Twitter [video]

You knew it was going to happen: angry that their language has been held hostage by humans obsessed with communicating in 140 characters or less, Internet denizens of the avian variety are taking it back. Yep… birds are reclaiming Tweets. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how it went down, but birds really are sending […]

Net neutrality debate rolls on in Europe

The European Union is considering rules in response allegations that ISPs are deliberately blocking certain services. But any action will effectively be net-neutrality lite: officials say they won’t block discrimination based on speed. According to the EU, the strictest definition of net neutrality — that all legal traffic is treated equally — isn’t suitable for practical […]