Become a power link-clicker with Snap Links

By Mark “The Fox” O’Neill Contributing Writer I am a huge Firefox fan but these days I have been rather apathetic and indifferent to many of the new Firefox extensions. It seems that a lot of extension developers just copy the work of others with their own mediocre versions and so I haven’t seen any […]

Flickr Places: Travel around the world from the comfort of your home

Flickr, one of the most popular social picture sharing sites on the Web, just launched a new geo-localization feature that will surely make you as happy as a pig in mud. While Flickerers (If we can call them that) are already able to use a world map to zoom in to a particular place and […]

Firefox 3 Beta 1 hits the web

After 27 months of hard work, the third version of the popular open-source browser is now available online for the first phase of its beta test! Testers can download Firefox 3 Beta 1 builds for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in over 20 different languages. Please be sure to read the full release notes […]

Content Filters Should Be Used for Security

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Most workplaces use a proxy server or a content filter between the end user and the Internet. Such filters usually enforce a company’s web surfing policies by blocking access to pornography, social networking sites, daytrading sites, online dating, etc. As a grown adult, I don’t much care for web filtering […]