Google Earth lets you feel the need for speed!

By Mark O’Neill The hidden flight simulator in Google Earth is not a new feature. But I had to delay trying it out as my computer last year was as fast as a constipated rabbit. However I now have a new computer so with the soundtrack of Top Gun playing in my head, I decided […]


Wikis for Dummies

Wiki this, Wiki that, Wiki here, Wiki there. You’ve heard about them, seen them around, but do you really know what they’re all about? The folks at CommonCraft recently produced this interesting video explaning what Wikis really are and how everybody can profit from them. Enjoy!

Help to proof-read books with Project Gutenberg

By Mark O’Neill One of the reasons I like the internet so much is the instant access to whatever information you need. Whether you immediately want to get in touch with a friend on the other side of the world, conduct international business transactions, watch the news in another country or simply find a recipe […]

How to create your own online chat bot

By Mark O’Neill I am going through a big instant messaging phase at the moment (Google Talk and Twitter being my two favourite programs) and I have become a little obsessed recently with how IM programs work and in particular how chat bots work. Bots are simply small programs (with a sprinkling of artificial intelligence) […]

Using your computer to process signals from outer-space

By Mark O’Neill One of my little quirks (some would say “signs of insanity”) is that I believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life. I cried my eyes out at E.T, I’ve seen all the episodes countless times of the X Files and Star Trek, and I am a firm believer that we are not […]

Listen to podcasts and other audio files using Gmail

By Mark O’Neill One of the most overlooked features in Gmail, in my opinion, is the built-in MP3 player. It’s a stripped down version of the Google video player and it actually works extremely well. I have started to listen to a lot of podcasts on the net, mainly news and German learning courses, and […]

Using GTalk and Twitter to update your Google Calendar

By Mark O’Neill Following on from my previous article regarding updating your social networks using Google Talk, I thought I would briefly mention today that you can also update Google Calendar using both Google Talk and Twitter. Once you have everything set up, you can input your calendar entries into your desktop Google Talk and […]

Get Iowa caucus updates on Google Talk

By Mark O’Neill Unless you’ve been in deep hibernation for the past year, you’ll know that tonight is the Iowa caucuses which, as usual, is the first state to vote for the person who could potentially become the next President of the United States. Since my previous post concerned alternative uses for Google Talk, I […]