UK to force ISPs into the role of bit police

A new law under discussion in Britain would require ISPs to monitor network traffic for illegal downloads and disconnect users found guilty of piracy on their third offense.  According to the Times, the first suspected illegal download would draw a warning shot (in the form of an email) from the ISP to the user.  A […]


The Simpsons….in real life!

By Mark O’Neill I’m sure lots of you are big fans of the Simpsons and if so, then here’s something you’ll appreciate.  Someone went to a lot of time and effort to recreate the opening scene from the programme.  Judging from the look of the police officer and the background, it looks like it was shot […]

“So Jaredpower, what’s your burger-flipping experience?”

By Mark O’Neill What is it with all the Second Life stories appearing in the mainstream media at the moment? Papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times are suddenly going all Linden Labs crazy. It seems that as well as the virtual reality world being used by terrorists and spies, it […]

See your IM emoticons played out with I-Buddy

By Mark O’Neill You can probably file this under the “useless piece of crap” section (but no doubt some of you will probably like it).   You can now have an I-Buddy angel plugged into your USB port that acts out the emoticons when someone sends you a Windows Live Messenger IM. 3 inches tall and […]

Synchronize your IM chat history

By Mark O’Neill Since I spend approximately 14 hours a day online, I tend to use instant messaging a lot. I use all of the major services via the Pidgin interface as well as Skype and Google Talk. Which all work fine, but the one thing that really annoys me is having to find a […]

Is Second Life really a haven for terrorists?

By Mark O’Neill “Oooh…hello, my legs seem to be stuck together here. Can you help me out please buddy?” The name is Hultcrantz, Edmund Hultcrantz….at least I was last year when I tried Second Life for all of 30 minutes. Since then, I have heard lots of positive comments about the online virtual world. But […]

Improve your Wikipedia experience with Inline Article Viewer

By Mark O’Neill Despite my criticisms of Wikipedia in the past, I still generally find the site an invaluable source of information and as a result, I link to Wikipedia pages all the time.    But sometimes the problem can be that there are too many links to click on.   Some of the links are […]

Cataloguing your book fetish with Librarything

By Mark O’Neill If there’s one thing that geeks have a plentiful supply of, it’s books. We just revel in them, whether it is a software manual, a science-fiction novel or the latest comic book. But as with everything else you collect in life, there comes a point where it becomes virtually impossible to keep […]