5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte: Illegally Downloaded Files as Art

You’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty brave to say to a judge “downloading all those illegal files worth $5 million is just art, Your Honor.” Here are the details on the “5 Million Dollars 1 Terabyte” sculpture: A new exhibit at the Art 404 gallery, 5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte, blurs the boundaries of […]

Pokémobs: I Choose You! [Videos]

Minecraft modders Seagoingmanatee and Pwootage are breaching the geek event horizon with their collaborative Pokémobs project: Pokémon and Minecraft at the same time. The pair plan to create all 151 original monsters with a little geek camaraderie (any volunteers?), and round out the mod with Poke-specific gameplay. Your first task? Craft a Pokédex, of course. If you want in on […]

Want? Giant iPhone 4 Table [Video]

File this under Cool But Completely Unnecessary: The iTableous is a computer and display built into a table-sized reproduction of the elusive iPhone 4. It’s not touch-sensitive, so you can play solitaire or eat Cheetos right on top while controlling it with a keyboard and mouse. Because that’s awesome(?)! [Engadget via DVICE]