Cisco predicts the zettabyte era; Elvis offers doubt

According to Cisco there’ll be an average of two internet connected devices per person by 2015. The company also believes there’ll be almost three billion internet users by that date. The stats are part of the company’s latest “Visual Networking Index” forecast, which aims to predict future net use and its contributing factors. The headline […]

World’s Fastest Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot [VIDEO]

Created by students at the Swinburne University of Technology, this robot can solve a fully scrambled rubik’s cube in about 10 seconds, which includes the time it takes to scan each face of the cube. Check it out: [Via]

Language-Inventing Robots

B: “Attack of the Clones was on last night.” A: “Missed it. I watched Two and a Half Men reruns.” B: “I should have, too.” Lingodroids are nifty little robots who create their own language.┬áRuth Schulz and her group of researchers from the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology developed the robots, who […]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Robotic Juggler Overlord [Video]

This robotic juggler, which can juggle five billiard balls at the same time was designed and built by researchers at the Department of Control Engineering at Prague’s Czech Technical University. The five ball juggling operation is the most difficult to control, because all five axis must be controlled synchronously and the throwing up the third, […]

New “Solar-Sequin” Handbag Isn’t Hideous

Geeks are a picky lot–I can admit this without shame because i’m a choosy geek myself. Anything functional should also be aesthetically pleasing, since any real tech-lover will be using the thing, maybe even in public, on a fairly regular basis. So. Solar-powered bags have been around for a while and for the most part, […]

Commercial Quantum Computers for Sale, Only $10M

The first D-Wave One, a commercially available 128-qubit quantum computer, has been sold to Lockheed Martin. The agreement between Lockheed Martin and D-Wave Systems was announced this week. If you have a spare ten million bucks in your sofa cushions, you too can own the D-Wave One. Rather than relying on transistors and classical mechanics, […]

WANT: Mobile Zombie Apocalypse Shelter [VIDEO]

Holy crap I need one of those in my backyard, like, right now, just in case of, you know, a zombie apocalypse descends upon us in the near future. [Via [H]]

LUNA RING: Solar Energy from the Moon

Japan’s ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis has spawned some rapid-fire developments for future energy production. This weekend, plans to initiate the compulsory installation of solar energy panels on every building in the country by 2030 were announced, along with a proposed plan that promises to be the largest public infrastructure in human history: the LUNA […]

New “Flex” Technology for Touchscreens [Video]

Researchers from Osaka University have developped a new touchscreen interface technology that allows people to use touchscreens as if they were an elastic, flexible material. Check it out: [Via Engadget]

Scientist nose why mammal have big brains

It’s long been known that mammals have proportionally big brains in comparison to other creatures. Now new scanning technology suggests it may be linked to the sense of smell. A research project led by Professor Timothy Rowe of the University of Texas at Austin involved scanning the fossilised skulls of two of the earliest known […]

Amazing Facial Animation [Video]

From the folks at Janimation. Check this out, this is pretty cool. [Via [H]]

$50 Lightbulb Unveiled

Even people who like the concept of light energy bulbs have a few common complaints: they are too slow to light up, they are a pain in the butt to throw away when broken, and they don’t provide a natural light. LED lights could answer all those problems — but at a cost. It’s the […]