Solar Airplane Attemps to Make Historic 24-Hour Flight

Discover Magazine reports on a fascinating flight, going on right now in Europe. There’s been plenty of discussion about alternate fuel options for decades now, and in my steampunk research I’ve come across the history of steam-powered airplanes. But solar powered? Now there’s an idea. The plane, called the HB-SIA, is a long, lean machine, […]

Thinking Smaller With E-Readers

Last week I wrote a short post about e-readers and their decided limitations during the summer months. A few of our readers suggested, in lieu of purchasing an e-reader, to go with something simpler. Like an iPod, cell phone, or other small device. Admittedly, that’s just what I’ve been doing. I have an iPod Touch […]

Awesome: Treadway Motorized Shoes

Developed and designed by Peter Treadway, the Treadway motorized shoes allow you to travel around at up to 10mph, and when you’re not using them, you can still do pretty much anything you like, such as walking or riding a bike. [Via James Dyson Award]

GLiP: Great LED Interactive Puzzle

You guys have to check this awesome interactive LED puzzle made by 4 French students as part of their embedded systems architecture course at Télécom ParisTech. [Via [H]]

Meet Rob Spence: The Eyeborg [Video]

Meet 36-year-old Rob Spence, aka “The Eyeborg”, a Canadian documentary filmmaker who lost an eye in a shooting accident and has now installed a wireless camera inside his empty eye socket.

Life Is Not A Beach With An E-Reader

As the beach season comes into full swing, I’ve been thinking a great deal about e-readers. (I’m a geek, I have a weird thought process, okay?) I always read more during the summer months, and part of the fun is getting old used and rather beat up paperbacks, kicking back, and not worrying how much […]

Microsoft’s Backwards Thinking Pays Off with InstaLoad

Microsoft has unveiled a technology which means batteries can be installed either way round. It’s already earned the backing of Duracell. According to Microsoft, battery installation is the type of issue which doesn’t create many tech help calls and complaints, but still acts as a niggle. It also argues its creation will be particularly suitable […]

Why I’m Not Standing With the iPhone Crowd

Today, I am not standing in line anywhere for an iPhone. It’s expected to be close to 100F here in North Carolina, and even though I’m sans child, I have no inclination to do such a thing, nor do I harbor feelings of jealousy against the people who have ordered and can afford these new […]

Robot Army Takes Over Hospital

A new British hospital has acquired a fleet of robots to carry out menial tasks including transporting waste, delivering food and dispensing drugs. Management at the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, which opens in August, say the robots won’t take jobs away from staff: instead they’ll free up more time for them to attend to other […]

Breaking Through The Fourth Wall in Dragon Age

For me, the appeal of video games has to do with escape and immersion. It isn’t just about gameplay. It’s about story, about investment, and about character. From the very beginning I’ve been drawn to video games that tell stories and introduce me to characters. And in the last 10 years video games have changed […]

Behold: The Devuvuzelator

In the modern world, it could be argued that the most important element of any invention is its name. And if that’s the case, there may be no finer name this year than the devuvuzelator. It’s a response to the vuvuzela, a long horn (usually made of plastic) which is particularly popular with soccer fans […]

REVIEW: Soluto, Anti-Frustration Software

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Last week we talked about Betterment, the “new age” investing site, which won TechCrunch’s “Best Startup in NY” award. This week we’ll talk about the overall “Best Startup” winner at TechCrunch Disrupt. Their name is Soluto and they sell themselves as “anti-frustration software.”  Then again, “selling themselves” probably isn’t the best […]