iPad: uWait

If you’re a non-American waiting for the iPad, make yourself comfortable: the international release has been delayed for a month. The official reason for the delay is that US demand has been so much higher than expected that it will take time to get extra stock ready for non-US orders. Apple reports that it delivered […]

Carcassonne and a Geeky Conundrum

My roomates and best friends have long been asking for me and my wife to join them in playing some board games with them. After reading a recent GAS post on 5 geeky games perfect for a game night, I was inspired to take up my friends offer to play a game of Carcassonne. This is […]

Is the future of the Internet three-dimensional?

It could already be said the Internet is multi-dimensional given how hyperlinks replacing linear text made up the heart of the World Wide Web. But now an Intel representative is predicting a 3D internet within five years. The comments come from Sean Koehl, a man with the somewhat awesome job title of “technology evangelist” for […]

Science Is Sexy: Will Nanobots Save Us From Cancer?

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] By now, everyone and their mother has heard of nanotechnology and how it is either going to save us or obliterate us in a sea of gray goo.  What exactly IS it, though?  Well like microbiology, the field is too vast to describe effectively beyond “things happening on […]

And Man Created Woman…

Once you’ve creeped people out by building an Android replica of yourself, there’s only one way to up the eeriness ante: build a female version. That’s what Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University, has done. He’s already known for creating the Geminoid HI-1, a robot built to closely replicate his own appearance. It’s even […]

Google leads the way on April Fool’s Day

Once again it’s the first of April, a day when every Facebook status and Twitter post is best treated as fake for the sake of your sanity. And once again the world of technology has been at the heart of many April Fool’s Day hoaxes. Here’s our round-up of the claims and our assessment of […]

Sony Kills Linux on PS3

Sony is to remove the option for PlayStation 3 owners to install their own choice of operating system. The feature had already been cut from the new “slim” model but will be removed from older machines as well on Thursday when a new firmware update is released. At first glance, it might seem baffling that […]

Gaming can make a better world

Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? In the following video presentation, Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

Gaming Goes to the Clouds

I would use the phrase the BBC did, but I’m sick of hearing of ___ killers in general. ( I’ll believe it when I see it, y’know?) But regardless of terminology, BBC News had a very interesting little piece in their technology section this morning about OnLive, an internet-based gaming company that essentially kicks the […]

Google’s Translation Gets Mouthy

Google’s translation services are making the news this week with improvements to a smartphone app which now attempts to translate voices rather than text (hopefully more accurately than in our illustration.) The app, titled Google Translate (which is also the name of the firm’s website translation tool), is designed for users visiting a foreign country. […]

Forget the iPad, This 1984 Macintosh Runs OS X Snow Leopard

Now this is hard core geek awesome. As a long-time Mac user, myself, I was absolutely floored by this Instructables piece by gmjhowe. Here were his guidelines—the end result is nothing short of gorgeous: 1.  Do not alter, cut, deform, change, or break the original Mac in anyway, I wanted to be able to return […]

3DTV hits US with major discounts

Three-dimensional television is hitting BestBuy this week — and it’s coming in cheaper than expected. Sales and demos begin this Wednesday with Panasonic’s VT25 bundle. That includes a 50 inch plasma screen, a Blu-ray player, and a pair of active glasses. The system works by the glass lenses alternately dimming (hence “active”) in sync with […]