Really? You Call That a Robot?

By Derek Clark Contributing Writer, [GAS] I have to admit, as a fan of robots, I’m a little disappointed with the latest crop on display at this year’s CES. Sure, there were a few helpful devices for those who don’t like to vacuum or do windows, but where are all the humanoid autonomous robots I […]

University to Banks: Stick your Censorship

It feels as if everyone has told bankers where to get off in the past couple of years. That’s certainly the case with a letter written by Cambridge University, though this time it’s not a criticism of irresponsible lending and investment. Instead Britain’s banks have been told to go whistle after demanding that a student’s […]

Happy Holidays from Quadrotor Overlord “Echo”

Remember those Quadrotor bots we featured a few months ago? Well one of them, Quadrotor overlord “Echo”, took some time off her busy schedule to play a little something for us for the holidays. Enjoy! A few new videos have also been released since the last time we featured these guys. Here are a few:

Twitter gets favorable verdict in court

It’s been a mixed picture recently for leading tech services in courtrooms. British courts have been told they should allow reporters to post messages to Twitter during a case in most circumstances. But an American case was declared a mistrial after a juror used Wikipedia to look up a phrase mentioned in evidence. The Lord […]

Google Book Data Shows the Resurgence of the Geek

Geekery was popular in the early 19th century, but its heyday began in the 1980s. That’s just one conclusion to be drawn from a fascinating new tool from Google. The Google Book Ngram Viewer allows users to search for the popularity of words in 5.2 million books that the company has scanned and digitized: that’s […]

Has internet use really reached TV viewing levels?

A research company claims that Americans now spend as much time using the Internet as they do watching TV. But rival figures vary so wildly that it’s not possible to be certain of much more than a general trend. The headline claim comes from Forrester Research, which says the average US citizen spends 13 hours […]

Most “broadband” connections are no such thing

According to the Federal Communications Commission, the majority of American “broadband” users are not actually receiving broadband speed. That’s because the FCC currently defines broadband as requiring a download speed of at least 4Mbps and an upload speed of 1Mbps. In total, 68 percent of broadband connections in the US fall short of this speed. […]

360 camera impressive, but not 3D

Researchers in Switzerland have produced what some are touting as a true 3D camera. In reality, though, it’s “only” a camera that can simulate a 3D effect in a 360 degree panorama. Traditional 3D imaging, known as stereoscopy, usually consists of taking two images of the same scene and then presenting them in a way […]

YouTube Santa: The Good List Gets Unlimited Upload Length

Today Youtube announced that it was lifting the restriction it’s placed on the length of video content being uploaded to their platform. This is great news, because we don’t have to chop our videos into 15-minute chunks to get them uploaded and playable. The Catch “Starting today, we’ll begin allowing selected users with a history […]

Capitol Hill tired of reaching for the mute buttom

The days of unexpectedly loud TV commercials are numbered thanks to a bill that has just passed the US congress. The tenuously-named Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (that is, CALM) tackles a problem that dates back to the beginnings of commercial television and has attracted attention on both sides of the Atlantic: that the commercials […]

Officials Turn Down Hologram World Cup

A Japanese bid to bring the football World Cup to stadiums around the world via holograms has been rejected. Soccer’s governing body FIFA today announced that the 2022 finals will take place in Qatar. Japan was one of the bids for that tournament that reached the final vote. As part of a presentation to voters, […]

Amazon’s Amazing Cyber Monday Deals

So right on the heel of Black Friday, here comes Cyber Monday! Here is our selection of some of the best Cyber Monday deals we’ve found. –TomTom XXL 540M 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Lifetime Maps Edition) – $229.00 $89.99 (61% Off) –Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive – […]