Optical Memory Could Be Viable For Smartphones


IBM has found a better way of using an optical memory format with several advantages over conventional formats. It’s worked out how to store 3-bits of data per cell in phase change memory. The format works in a similar way to Blu-Ray discs, namely by manipulating glass. Passing a high current through the glass can […]

Hyperloop Propulsion Gets Public Demo


One of the companies working on Hyperloop technology has carried out a public test of one element of the high-speed transport. The test was carried out by Hyperloop One, the new name for the company formerly known as Hyperloop Technologies. It’s one of three companies working on the technology that has been highly publicized by […]

Siri Creator Unveils ‘Siri-Killer’


One of the men who created Siri says he’s created a voice controlled artificial intelligence tool that’s smarter and more adaptive than the likes of Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa. According to Dag Kittlaus, the new virtual assistant system named Viv has several key advantages: It’s better able to parse complex natural language requests. […]

A Decade Later, TV Tech Mixup Still Amuses


It’s now ten years since a confused man blagged his way through a live TV interview after being mistaken for a technology expert. In May 2006, the late Guy Kewney, a long-time tech journalist in the UK was scheduled to be interviewed on a court case pitting Apple against Apple Music. A BBC assistant went […]

Quantum Processor Open For Public Use


IBM is to let the public use one of its quantum processors. It’s a move designed to raise awareness as much as to be an immediate benefit. The concept of quantum computing recently got mainstream coverage after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave a concise explanation during a news conference: A regular computer bit is […]

WhatsApp Is What’s Going Down


A Brazilian judge has ordered WhatsApp to shut down in the country for three days. The move affects 100 million users, making up around half of the country’s population. The court involved in the case has put it under seal and not publicly revealed the reason for the decision. However, the New York Times reports […]

Bitcoin Creator May Have Unmasked Himself


The identity of Bitcoin creator “Satoshi Nakamoto” may have been revealed. Australian businessman Craig Wright claims to be the man behind the mask. While several key figures in the Bitcoin community say they believe Wright’s claim, others have demanded more evidence. The problem is that definitive proof may be difficult or even impossible given the […]

Dyson Re-Engineers The Hair Dryer


James Dyson, the man behind the bagless vacuum cleaner, has unveiled a $399 hairdryer. The technology is impressive, but the marketing could be a challenge. As you might expect from the engineer, the main difference is to the motor that operates the dryer, which cuts down on weight (the dryer is 370g) and noise. The […]

USB-C Could Get Safer


A new authentication program could warn you if a USB-C cable risks frying your laptop. It could also develop into a security measure. The performance of USB-C cables appears to be somewhat mixed, largely because many sold under that name fall short of the actual specification. That inspired dozens of harsh but detailed reviews from […]

Computer Creates & Paints A New ‘Rembrandt’


A computer has created a new Rembrandt-style portrait from scratch using an algorithm and a 3D printer. It’s the conclusion of a two year project titled The Next Rembrandt, produced with the help of two art museums in the Netherlands, a technology university, ING and Microsoft. The first step in the project was to scan […]

Facebook To Audio-Describe Photos


Facebook has launched a tool that describes photographs to visually impaired users. However, it seems to be keeping expectations low. The tool is the work of Facebook engineer Matt King, who lost his sight through a medical condition. He wanted to deal with the way screen readers currently “speak” the name of the person who […]

April Fools’ Day Roundup


It’s April Fools’ Day and once again the tech world has provided many of the spoof stories. Perennial pranksters Google have got a weird one: a bogus addition to a genuine service that itself started out as a prank. Several years ago the company made a joke post on April 1 about Gmail being able […]