Thingmaker Becomes 3D Printer


1960s toy the “Thingmaker” is getting a revamp for 21st century technology. What was once a set of molds for making gloopy replicas is now a 3D printer for kids. Mattel has relaunched the range, which was originally used to make everything from Creepy Crawlers to characters from Peanuts. It involved pouring a liquid plastic […]

Handheld Devices Could Track Location To The Centimeter


Researchers have successfully tested a way to get GPS accurate to a matter of centimeters in handheld devices. It could be a key part of driverless vehicle technology. The University of California team refined an existing approach which previously needed the type of computers that have their own room. They were trying to overcome the […]

Cyber Magician Performs with 24 Quadcopter Drones [Video]


From Illusionist Marco Tempest: My latest production, utilizing autonomous drones, quadcopters, flying close to and around my body like a flock of trained birds. As legislation about the use and safety of flying drones is being debated around the world, this is a timely demonstration. Working with Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi and their team at […]

Federal Law Would Ban Mandatory Smartphone Backdoors


Attempts by two states to weaken the encryption available on smartphones could be blocked by a federal law. The measure would stop laws which could mean a major redesign of many high-profile handsets As we’ve previously covered, state legislators in New York and California are both considering suspiciously similarly worded bills on the matter. Both […]

Google’s Go Computer Steps Up In Competition


Google’s Go-playing software is to take on one of the world’s best players. The match, to be shown live on YouTube, follows the software beating a professional player for the first time. The software, dubbed AlphaGo, is to take on Lee Sedol. Although the game doesn’t have a single undisputed world championship, Sedol is often […]

The History of Photography in 5 Minutes [Video]


In this video, the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) showcases the history of photography in just 5 minutes, from its first steps with the concept of camera obscura (400BC – 1040AD) to the digital revolution of today. [COOPH | Via LS]

GPS Glitch Causes Problems


A fleet of GPS satellites broadcasted the wrong time for several hours last week thanks to a software mistake. It caused problems with telecommunications and digital radio, but could have been much more serious. The problem appears to have started during the decommissioning process of a US Air Force satellite named SVN 23. It seems […]

USB Cable Devotee Finds Worst. Cable. Ever.


A Google engineer with something of an obsession with USB Type-C cables has finally paid the price. Benson Leung seriously damaged his laptop during his latest review. Leung had become something of a cult hero for his online reviews of the cables. While most consumer reviews of a USB cable or adaptor are inherently limited […]

Microsoft To Servers: Get In The Sea


Microsoft is to build data centers at the bottom of the ocean. Among other benefits, it should greatly reducing power use. One of the biggest problems with any large collection of servers is the sheer amount of heat generated and in turn the power needed to cool the equipment and stop it overheating and failing. […]

Tinder Adds Link To STD Clinics


Tinder has added an app link that lets users locate the nearest STD clinic. It follows criticism from an HIV testing and prevention agency. The app won’t carry out the search itself, even though by definition it know the user’s location. Instead Tinder is simply adding a link in the FAQ section of the app. […]

Young Geek Makes Fully Functional Full-Sized BB-8 Droid for Just $120


Watch as 17-year-old Angelo Casimiro builds a full-size BB-8 droid that actually works just like in the movie for just $120 using common household materials and an Arduino Uno microcontroller board! It might cost you a little if you buy everything you need without reusing materials you have at home, but considering how cool this […]

Google Computer Masters Board Game Go


A Google computer has handily beaten a leading champion at the board game Go. It’s arguably a far more impressive AI achievement than computers prevailing at chess. The game of Go appears on the surface to be simple, involving placing black or white pieces on a grid in an attempt to capture opposing pieces by […]