A Perfect and Revolutionary Laptop Bag For Travelers & Adventurers

If you travel a lot, most laptop bags won’t offer you much apart from carrying your laptop around with you, but thanks to the Moose Designs laptop bag, things are about to change! The Moose Designs laptop bag offers innovative features that creates your own private workstation anywhere! Check it out in more details in […]

AI Takes Human Approach To Beat Captchas

Artificial intelligence bots have reclaimed the advantage in their battle with Captcha challenges – and the scary part is they’ve done it by aping what was thought to be humans’ advantage. The Captcha challenges in question are the ones that involve identifying a string of characters despite distortions such as wavy text or cluttered backgrounds. […]

Fireplace In A Briefcase

At one time, mankind’s greatest achievement was making fire. Today, you can bring the fire with you. Just don’t try getting this briefcase through airport security. [Via: Geekologie]

When A Smart Watch Becomes A Hero

In this short movie, we meet a smart watch that wants to save society. Well, that’s the official story, but I’m not sure I trust anyone who sounds that much like GLaDOS…

Blurred Out QR Code Was Key To $1,000 Bounty

Two code enthusiasts earned themselves $1,000 by deciphering a QR code from a TV broadcast despite It being blurred out. Clement Storck and Michel Sassano were able to reconstruct the code, which represented a Bitcoin private key. It was part of a competition that turned out to be considerably more difficult than designed. Robert Ver, […]

Google’s AlphaGo Destroyed By Less Humane A.I. Successor

Remember Google’s program that learned to beat champion Go players? It’s been comprehensively beaten by its successor, which learned the game from scratch. AlphaGo Zero, which worked without any game history data, beat the original AlphaGo in a 100 match series by a margin of 100 games to zero. Go has always been a challenge […]

Unsent Text Message Accepted As Will

An unsent message on an Australian man’s phone has been accepted as a legally valid will. A court made a rare exemption to a normally tightly interpreted law on what counts as a will. The man took his own life and had not written a will on paper. That situation would normally have been governed […]

AAA: Car Touchscreens Too Distracting

AAA says on-board technology such as touchscreens could be distracting drivers and risking safety. It wants car makers to disable some features such as programming a navigation route while the vehicle is moving. The organisation’s Foundation for Traffic Safety ran a study of thirty 2017 model cars in which drivers carried out three hours of […]