3D Hologram of Death… Star

By Fred Roth Contributing Writer, [GAS] So as geeks, we all eventually want a giant holographic projector like the ones used in StarWars. But are we willing to put up with a spinning mirror of death to get it? Researchers at USC have created a holographic 3D display using a spinning mirror. While the resulting […]

A Sugar Powered Walkman?

Just a year ago, Sony had trouble getting a laptop battery out of their factory that could actually work without exploding, but last Thursday, they announced a new breakthrough in battery technology that should please its investors. According to the official press release, Sony has developed a new bio-battery that is powered via a glucose-based […]

iPhone unlocked from AT&T at last

Engadget confirmed at noon Eastern time today that the iPhoneSIMfree.com team has successfully cracked the SIM lock system on the iPhone, enabling it to be used with network carriers other than AT&T.  It should even work outside the U.S. The iPhoneSIMfree.com team apparently beat their earlier promise to accomplish this feat within 48 hours by about 9 […]