Introducing the BlackBerry Curve

Since the introduction of the iPhone by Apple in January, many cell phone manufacturers have been in a race to release new iPhone-like smart mobiles that could offer some tough competition to Mr. Jobs’ expensive toy when it comes out in June. The latest one in this batch comes from Research in Motion (RIM), the […]


Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 7th Edition

–11 Things I can do in Linux that I can’t do on Windows Yes, I know, there are * a lot * more then 11 things. Can you name any additional ones? –How to track and recover your Linux laptop if it gets stolen Here’s an interesting tutorial that will show how to set up […]

Microsoft’s New Touch-Desk Concept (Video)

The folks at Microsoft have recently unveiled a new “Touch-Desk” concept at the Convergence 2007 conference in San Diego, California. If the technology works as presented in this next video, it could revolutionize the way we all work in a near future. Enjoy the show!

A Greener Apple?

For the past few months, Apple has been widely criticized by environmental organizations (such as Greenpeace) for not acting as a role model in the world of “green manufacturing” as well as not having a good product recycling policy. According to a recent memo published by Steve Jobs on Apple’s website, these criticism are largely […]

Muppets Technology 101

Here’s an hilarious IBM training video titled “Coffee Break Machine” that was created by Jim Henson back in 1967. I’ll say just like my friend Tim who sent me the video: “Only the Muppets can make technology this much fun!” Enjoy the show!

Product Review: Samsung LN-T3242H 32″ LCD TV Set

For the past two years, I’ve been telling myself I should be getting one of those nice, flat (and expensive!) LCD television set, but it seems that the time was never exactly right… until now. Early last week, while browsing around the mall with my wife and our brand new daughter, I decided to stop […]

Blu-Ray Owns Hi-Def DVD Market Over HD-DVD

Is the format war almost over? First quarter numbers are in and they don’t look good for Toshiba’s HD-DVD format.  Of all the DVDs (high definition DVDs, that is) purchased in the first quarter, approximately 70% of them were Sony’s Blu-Ray format.  Sales of Blu-Ray discs picked up in February and currently outsell HD-DVD by […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 23rd Edition

–Do we truly need 8 hours of sleep? The BBC debunks the myth that people need 8 hours of sleep to function properly. –Moving Day for That Vista Machine Interesting article from New York Times journalist Larry Magid discussing different methods of migrating from your actual PC to a new Vista system. –Compression Software Comparison Guide Great guide […]