Drift off to sleep with Ambient Skype

By Mark O’Neill When the cost of bandwidth is virtually next to nothing these days, couples who find themselves apart are using Skype to recreate that “at home” feeling. It even has a name – Ambient Skype. Basically you leave the app constantly running on your computer as background noise. Since Skype-to-Skype calls are free, […]

Britain develops a security camera that can see through clothes

By Mark O’Neill Notch another one up to the Brits. In true “Total Recall” style, a security camera has been developed which can “detect weapons, drugs, liquids, and explosives hidden under people’s clothing from up to 80 feet away”. “ThruVision, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, created the T5000 camera which uses passive imaging […]

The Early History of Programming Languages

Today we’ll overview the early history of programming languages, and I’ll follow this post with others that explore more recent developments.  I’m going to intentionally leave out people and focus on the languages in general terms — although the personalities involved make quite a story, too. In the very early days of computing, the only “language” employed was […]