Nao Robots Dance to “Thriller”

Thanks to the partnership between the Nonlinear System Laboratory at MIT and Aldebaran Robotics we can admire this impressive choreography of a team of Nao robots dancing to Michael Jackson’s “thriller.” At the beginning all the robots are waiting for my signal to start. While dancing, they are constantly synchronizing with each other, so if […]

The Ketchup War is Over

One of the great mysteries of life is how to get the ketchup out of the ketchup bottle. Our cavemen-like minds usually resort to the most base of instincts to extract the delicious condiment: physical violence. That problem is even more frustrating when there is very little left in the bottle itself: The walls of […]

Presenting the Unprinter

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the UK have developed a method for removing laser-printed text from paper. It could mean devices used for security, recycling or both. A team lead by Dr Julian Allwood (pictured) explored practical applications that as lasers are used to attach ink to paper, they can also be used […]