Awesome Science Stuff That Happened Today [Sep 12]

It was a great day for science-loving geeks everywhere. Today’s big haps, in no particular order: Soccer gets a newer, creepier bioengineered makeover Photo: John O’Shea Synthetic soccer balls are so last century. (Replace “soccer balls” with “footballs” if you’re not American.) After making waves at last year’s Abandon Normal Devices festival with his throwback […]

New London Airport: Floating?

The plan to expand London Heathrow’s Airport has been quite vehemently protested (despite a clear necessity – that airport is not equipped to handle the insane amount of transit it has to cope with!) and so architecture firm Gensler proposed this amazing little treasure: a floating airport. The “London Britannia Airport” would be an expensive […]

Robot cheetah outruns Usain Bolt

A US defense department robot has reached 28.3 mph on a treadmill — faster than any human in recorded history. The robot, dubbed Cheetah, is the work of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It’s the closest thing to a real life Q from Bond and gets to work on ultra-cool projects in the hope […]