Powermat and PoweKiss: Wireless Charging Firms Settle Differences

Transatlantic travelers took another step closer to ditching their phone chargers this week with two major wireless charging firms announcing they’ll use a common standard. The deal is between American firm Powermat and Finland-based PowerKiss, which are among the leading providers in North America and Europe respectively. Both firms use a form of inductive charging […]

“30-Second Cellphone Charge” Not Here Yet

A California teenager has attracted widespread media attention after creating a “supercapacitor” that could recharge a cellphone battery in under 30 seconds. But much of the coverage appears to have downplayed the word “could.” 18-year-old Esha Khare (pictured above left)¬†won an Intel Young Scientist Award of $50,000 at the company’s International Science and Engineering Fair. […]

Quantum Internet Has Big Security Hole

Staff at a government laboratory have revealed they’ve been using a quantum internet since late 2010. But it’s an extremely simple model and might not scale well. The idea of a quantum internet scales from quantum computing, which used the magnetic orientation of atomic particles as a way to encode 0s and 1s. Simply put, […]

Electric Fly Takes Flight

The world’s smallest flying robot has made its maiden voyage. The tiny device uses electrically-powered movements that mirror the way a fly propels itself. The robot, dubbed RoboBee, is the work of staff at Harvard University. It’s barely bigger than a coin with a three-centimeter wingspan and weighs less than 0.1g. The carbon fiber robot […]

Batteries Could Get 10 Times Smaller

University of Illinois researchers say they’ve found a way to make batteries far smaller and much quicker to recharge. The technique works in the same way as traditional batteries, but makes much more efficient use of space. As the BBC explains with admirable clarity, batteries work by electrons flowing from one type of electrode (an […]