Star Trek’s Universal Translators Are Now a Real Thing With the WT2 Edge Language Translation Earbuds

For those of you who like to travel or need to speak and understand a new language in a hurry, the WT2 Edge Language Translation Earbuds can translate conversations in real time! The earbuds support 40 Languages and 93 Accents and offer a ultra-high translation accuracy. They can also be used offline with a language […]

The “Internet of Things” E-Degree Certification Bundle (Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino Programming, and More)

Bridge the IoT skill gap with the IoT E-Degree Certification Bundle, offering 40 hours of content, exams, certificates, and 5 projects on Raspberry Pi, Linux, Arduino programming, and more! Just $29.99 instead of $200 (85% off!) Internet Of Things (IOT) is set to impact every modern industry and proficiency in IOT technology opens an array […]

Give Yourself the Gift of PRIVACY in 2021 With This AMAZING Deal on Our Favorite VPN! (82% OFF!)

If you value your privacy on the web, here is a geektastic VPN deal you won’t want to miss. PIA, which is the VPN solution we’ve been using here at Geeks are Sexy for over 6 years, is currently offering a three-year subscription to their service at just $2.19 per month instead of $11.95! They […]

Save Big on The Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams Training Course (88% Off)

Looking to learn more about how to use Microsoft Teams? Boost your work collaborations and productivity with the Essential 2020 Microsoft Teams training course, offering 10 hours of content on the fundamentals of Microsoft Teams and Outlook! Just $19.99 instead of the course’s MSRP of $174. Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the new way to […]

Become a Cybersecurity Pro With The CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Course Bundle (97% Off!)

Mitigate digital attack and vulnerabilities as a cybersecurity expert with 111 hours of prep content on CompTIA CASP, Pentest, CySa, and security with the CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert Bundle. Just $29.99 instead of the MSRP of $1180 (a little over 97% off!) If you want to work in the booming, lucrative field of cybersecurity, you […]