Urine Can Power Cellphones

Researchers at two British universities have successfully powered a cellphone using urine. The project involves microbial fuel cells, which are ceramic cylinders filled with bacteria. As the bacteria eats fuel supplies, it creates a small electrical charge as a by-product. The technique works with micro-organisms that would normally, where oxygen is present, produce water as […]

There is no Escaping the Internet

As regular readers may have noticed, I’ve been on vacation for the past week. What with being both a gadget addict and a technology writer, I tried to make it something of a cord-cutting, low-fi break. As we were camping there was little point lugging about laptop or tablet and I used my smartphone solely […]

Home Audio Pioneer Amar Bose Dies

The founder of audio firm Bose, Dr Amar Bose, has died aged 83. He wasn’t simply the boss of a high-priced equipment manufacturer, but a major player in acoustical engineering. Born in Philadelphia in 1929, the son of a refugee from India, Bose taught himself to repair broken toy electric trains because his family couldn’t […]

Tesla demands right to sell cars to drivers

A petition calling for an end to state laws that prevent Tesla selling electric cars direct to the public has attracted more than 100,000 signatures on the White House website. That’s enough to trigger a mandatory response from the government, though doesn’t guarantee any specific action. The petition relates to laws in several states. Most […]