Hackerman From ‘Kung Fury’ Releases Tutorial On How To Hack Time

If you saw the wonderful, brilliant, hilarious movie we posted last week, Kung Fury, then you certainly remember the character of Hackerman. His computer skills were all but unrivaled, and without him on the team, they would not have been able to achieve the time traveling which was an essential element to their journey. But […]

New Dinosaur Discovered, Nicknamed Hellboy After Comic

So a new dinosaur has been discovered, and has been given a rather colorful nickname due to its horn placement: The newly identified Regaliceratops peterhewsi has been informally named after Mike Mignola’s perpetually grumpy paranormal investigator (Hellboy,) owing to the presence of a pair of prominent horns just above its eyes. All I am saying here is […]

Bill Gates Think We May Die From A Global Pandemic

We all have our fears, and sometimes they are rational, and sometimes not so much. But do you ever wonder what some of the most brilliant and powerful minds in the world may fear? Ezra Klein of Vox media recently sat down with Bill Gates and ended up asking him that exact question: what is […]

Security Questions Too Predictable Or Too Forgettable

Google says security questions on accounts are “neither secure nor reliable enough” to use in cases of forgotten passwords. It’s urging other firms to follow its lead by making such questions solely a last resort. In a paper presented this week at a World Wide Web conference in Italy, five Google researchers detailed their study […]

The NSA Actually Named a Program Skynet

Skynet actually exists. The Terminator movies weren’t lying to us. Run for your lives, protect your loved ones, and pray your last name isn’t Connor. Well, you really don’t need to worry about it unless you are a super shady type, at which point, Skynet is coming for you. From Gizmodo: Malevolent undertones of aspirations […]

IT Horror Stories: Upgrading got you down? Don’t let the bugs win! (Sponsored by Canon)

This post is sponsored by the new Canon imageCLASS MF800 Series color printers, designed to help you get through IT. With features like a remote user interface (for control) and a 3.5” color LCD touch screen (for efficiency), imageCLASS printers give your office the type of reliable output and efficiency you demand from your printer – giving SYSADMINS […]

HEY IT PEOPLE: Send In Your IT Horror Stories + Big Giveaway! #getthroughit [Sponsored by Canon] (Updated)

Edit: You still have about 24 hours left to send in your stories and get a chance to win a Canon ImageCLASS color laser printer! (a value of $1299!) IT horror stories: we’ve all heard about (or experienced firsthand) helpdesk tickets that provide absolutely no logical explanation to system admins. They provide fodder for stories that […]

Google Warning Comes Two Clicks From Danger

Google has stepped up its warning system for dubious websites: Chrome will now flag up sites that contain potentially harmful downloads, even if the site itself does no damage. Until now Google’s warnings had only taken effect in two situations: when a Chrome user clicked on a link to a page believed to contain malware […]

Android Battery Could Disclose Location

Researchers at Stanford say they can track an Android user’s location simply by gathering battery use data for a few minutes. While it’s of limited effect, they argue this could undermine the user permissions system on Android. The researchers explored the idea that the cellular radio in a phone makes up a significant proportion of […]

“Smartphone Killswitches Work” Officials Insist

Officials in three major cities say phone thefts have dropped dramatically since the introduction of “kill switches” to remotely disable a lost or stolen handset. The figures comes from New York Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman (pictured), San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and London Mayor Boris Johnson. They make up the leadership of the […]

Alan Turing’s Code-breaking Sheets Found Stuffed In Wall

Secret documents from the work by Alan Turing’s team of codebreakers have been found stuffed into the walls and roof of a hut at Bletchley Park. It appears that after completing a day’s work, the team didn’t securely destroy the papers as was protocol, but instead used them to boost insulation in the far-from-luxurious facility. […]

Obvious Passwords Are Obvious, Shock Study Shows

Once again a list of the most used passwords has revealed some obvious choices. And once again, that tells us nothing about the state of security. As happens every year, SplashData (which by amazing coincidence is a password manager service provider) has published a list of the most common passwords, based on databases that have […]