Windows Zero-day “Animated Cursor” Vulnerability

By Matt Pearson Contributing Writer, [GAS]¬† A lovely new zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Windows has hit the public scene. At the end of March, exploitation of a previously (publicly) unknown vulnerability in Windows’ animated cursor (ANI) processing was detected in the wild. This new vulnerability is now being widely exploited to install Trojan malware into […]

One Mistaken Key Press Cost $220,700

Talk about a bad day at the office: a computer technician working for the Alaskan government accidentally wipes out nine months’ worth of critical data, only to find later that his backup plan isn’t working. Ouch! If you’ve used a computer for long, you’ve experienced the chilling moment when you realize you’ve mistakenly deleted something […]

April: Month of MySpace Bugs

Right after the months of Apple, PHP and browsers bugs, 2 “security researchers” have decided to follow the “Month of Bugs” trend and make April a month of daily MySpace vulnerability disclosures. According to the duo, the main goal of this new effort is not really about making MySpace more secure but more about showing […]