Can You Break Codes?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs a crack team of cryptanalysts to break ciphers that criminals use.  Some ciphers are simple, such as the codes that numbers runners and other bookies use for illegal gambling.  Others are a bit tougher, such as codes used between gangsters in prison and their organized crime families still on […]

The Cyber Jihad that wasn’t

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Groups of political activists or “hacktivists” that support Al Queda had been calling for a “cyber jihad” to occur yesterday, November 11th.  There was never any mention of a specific target for their holy cyber war, and no one noticed any effects of their efforts.  If there was a concerted […]

MP3 Spam starts appearing in inboxes

Can you believe it? After using YouTube, PDFs, and pictures, spammers have now turned themselves to audio files in order to send you their crap and bypass your spam filters. Spammers involved in pump-and-dump scams touting penny stocks now are using MP3 music files to lure investors, a switch security experts say is the latest […]