MP3 Spam starts appearing in inboxes

Can you believe it? After using YouTube, PDFs, and pictures, spammers have now turned themselves to audio files in order to send you their crap and bypass your spam filters. Spammers involved in pump-and-dump scams touting penny stocks now are using MP3 music files to lure investors, a switch security experts say is the latest […]

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras: Extra useless?

By Fred Roth, Contributing Writer, [GAS]  As of this month, the first round of Windows Vista Ultimate Extras have been sent out to customers “lucky” enough to have purchased the highest caliber of Microsoft’s newest operating system. These supplemental downloads are available through Windows Update and are described as “Cutting Edge Programs, Innovative Services and […]

How to avoid getting scammed

In this segment of The Real Hustle, the hustlers do a recap their first season, showing all their scams – and more importantly, informing you how you can avoid them.

Online office apps and os’s: Why they won’t gain significant traction

By Brett Williams Contributing Writer, [GAS]  In one day, Yahoo acquired Zimbra, an online e-mail, document-authoring, and collaboration software suite with offline capabilities; Google officially launched its online presentation software; and on Read/WriteWeb, an article titled “Fear of Web2.0,” was posted about enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 applications.

Spam is now 83% of all e-mail

Yes folks, more than eight emails out of every ten sent out today on the net is SPAM. Let’s face it, SMTP really needs a replacement, and while many exist out there, the current messaging infrastructure of the Internet leaves us powerless. Solutions do exist to help you filter all that spam, but regardless of […]

Buyer beware: pointless text file wins 16 software awards

Anyone who likes to download freeware and shareware tools from the Internet should read this cautionary tale about the value of “five-star awards” from sites that aggregate and mirror downloads. Andy Brice, a UK-based software developer, had grown suspicious about “awards” ascribed to freeware and shareware programs that he knew lacked functions and features of […]

[email protected]: A different kind of blog

The term “hacker” has always been one of the most incorrectly used expressions. If you think that a hacker is someone who tries to get into computer systems illegally, stop right here and go read this before continuing further. Ok, now that you’ve been enlightened, let’s proceed. It’s no secret that Microsoft has been cooperating […]

Autopatcher shut down by Microsoft

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Autopatcher, a frequently updated project devoted to compiling all the Windows Updates into a single installation package (geared toward offline system updating and quick system rebuilds), has been shut down by Microsoft as of yesterday (08/29/07). Citing security and intellectual property as reasons for the action, Microsoft contacted the […]