Symantec Norton Fighter Fights Back!

Yeah you read that right. In order to promote their Norton 360 product, Symantec Japan just released a new ad featuring their “Norton Fighter” mascot. While the footage may look a bit cheezy at first, the whole production is undeniably cool-looking, complete with crappy background music and Power Ranger-like fighters. Check it out! I’m sure […]

Can You Break Codes?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs a crack team of cryptanalysts to break ciphers that criminals use.  Some ciphers are simple, such as the codes that numbers runners and other bookies use for illegal gambling.  Others are a bit tougher, such as codes used between gangsters in prison and their organized crime families still on […]

The Cyber Jihad that wasn’t

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Groups of political activists or “hacktivists” that support Al Queda had been calling for a “cyber jihad” to occur yesterday, November 11th.  There was never any mention of a specific target for their holy cyber war, and no one noticed any effects of their efforts.  If there was a concerted […]