Symantec Norton Fighter Fights Back!

Yeah you read that right. In order to promote their Norton 360 product, Symantec Japan just released a new ad featuring their “Norton Fighter” mascot. While the footage may look a bit cheezy at first, the whole production is undeniably cool-looking, complete with crappy background music and Power Ranger-like fighters. Check it out! I’m sure […]

How to eavesdrop on Bluetooth phone conversations

Think that chatting to your friends over a Bluetooth signal will keep your discussions perfectly safe and confidential? If you do, than think again! The following video tutorial will teach you how to easily eavesdrop on almost any mobile phone conversation made through a Bluetooth headset. All it takes to get started is a laptop […]

Scan your servers for the SANS top 20 Internet security attacks

If your servers’ services are exposed in one way or another to the Internet, having a reputable IT security firm run a scan on them might be a good idea. Qualys, a company specializing in vulnerability management, just launched a free service allowing you to scan any box that has a public IP address for […]

Can You Break Codes?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation employs a crack team of cryptanalysts to break ciphers that criminals use.  Some ciphers are simple, such as the codes that numbers runners and other bookies use for illegal gambling.  Others are a bit tougher, such as codes used between gangsters in prison and their organized crime families still on […]

Take the stress out of IT support with Crossloop

By Mark O’Neill Contributing Writer, [GAS] The chances are that if you are the computer-literate member of the family, you’re probably constantly getting hit on for free IT support. You know the situation – the parents who think it’s “interesting” to install every font they can find and then wonder why it takes 30 minutes […]

The Cyber Jihad that wasn’t

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Groups of political activists or “hacktivists” that support Al Queda had been calling for a “cyber jihad” to occur yesterday, November 11th.  There was never any mention of a specific target for their holy cyber war, and no one noticed any effects of their efforts.  If there was a concerted […]

Content Filters Should Be Used for Security

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Most workplaces use a proxy server or a content filter between the end user and the Internet. Such filters usually enforce a company’s web surfing policies by blocking access to pornography, social networking sites, daytrading sites, online dating, etc. As a grown adult, I don’t much care for web filtering […]

Introducing PatB: Hello its me!

Greetings to everyone at Geeks Are Sexy!  The excellent Kiltak has extended an invitation to me to guest blog security issues on this site and I was more than happy to oblige.  This is my first stint at guest blogging for anyone, but I have been blogging about security issues for two years now at […]