Bluesnarfing: Exploiting Bluetooth-enabled mobiles for profit

In the following segment of the The Real Hustle, The hustlers explain how villains can exploit a flaw within Bluetooth-enabled cell phones to steal some of your hard-won money. Want to know if your phone is vulnerable? Then just try to bluesnarf yourself!

RIAA to Hunt CD Rippers Next?

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] I have never downloaded an MP3 song from a recording artist off of the Internet.  I think this makes me somewhat of a rarity in the cyber world.  I never did it, not because of some sense of morality, or stance on copyright issues.  I saw first hand the dangers […]

Coming Soon to a Powerline Near You: Surveillance Drones Disguised as Trash

By Shea Gunther Contributing Writer, [GAS] In the world of top secret spy tech, there’s sneaky cool and then there is sneeeaky cool. This next item is set firmly in the second camp. The US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) is working on a tiny spy plane that has the ability to land on a […]

Personal Disaster Recovery: Backup, Don’t Archive!

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Aside from malware/spyware and viruses, the biggest trouble with most home computers can probably be attributed to the build-up of user data over time. You’ve seen it happen over and over again: digital pictures, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and more fill up the drive and eventually adversely affect the performance […]

Ego Searching for Privacy Protection

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] The Pew Internet research team recently published a poll saying less than half of us have ever performed an “ego search,” or an internet search of ourselves, using either Google or some other search engine. From the AP here: More Americans are Googling themselves — and many are checking out their […]

EFF Flogged Over Comcast Report

In the past, I have been a frequent critic of the activism that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has engaged in, specifically regarding national security issues involving electronic monitoring of networks. I believe that monitoring networks keep us safe and the EFF does not. And when it comes to their latest crusade against Comcast over bandwidth […]

TRL: The Cash Card Switch (Video)

In this segment of The Real Hustle, the hustlers demonstrate why you should always keep an eye on your credit / debit card – no matter what happens around you.

Symantec Norton Fighter Fights Back!

Yeah you read that right. In order to promote their Norton 360 product, Symantec Japan just released a new ad featuring their “Norton Fighter” mascot. While the footage may look a bit cheezy at first, the whole production is undeniably cool-looking, complete with crappy background music and Power Ranger-like fighters. Check it out! I’m sure […]