PayPal accused of blocking funds meant for NH Recount – unknown if recount will occur in Rep. race.

BREAKING By Brian Boyko Contributor, [GAS] UPDATE: Op-Ed News reports that the N.H. Sec. of State has recieved a check for $55,600 from a single anonymous doner to the Howard campaign, and the both the Democratic and Republican N.H. primary recount will proceed. [GAS] has not yet independently verified this information. The future of a […]

MySpace Malware Cocktails

If you are in charge of enforcing web surfing policies for your enterprise and you are not already blocking mega-popular social networking sites like MySpace for your users, here is yet another reason to do so: Fake Microsoft updates that deliver a machine-killing Kevorkian cocktail. Your user thinks he’s adding a new friend and helpfully […]