Hackers Hijack Radio With Furries Podcast

An explicit podcast about furries went out on several US radio stations after a somewhat bizarre hacking incident. Listeners to at least three stations were unexpectedly treated to most or all of an episode of FurCast, a podcast for people with a very particular interest in anthropomorphised animals, often in the form of adults wearing […]

FBI: We Can’t Unlock Later Model iPhones

The FBI says the solution it found to accessing data on the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone won’t work for most later models. It also confirmed that it paid money for the solution. FBI director James Comey said the bureau is still weighing up whether to hand over details of the method it used to allow […]

Free White Paper: What’s New in the Windows 10 Security Log

An interesting whitepaper for all you IT people out there who work with the Windows 10 security log as part of their job. Among the countless changes in Windows 10 Microsoft has provided IT organizations more visibility into auditable actions on Windows 10 machines and the resulting events in the Security Log. Understanding these enhancements […]

FBI To Share iPhone Unlock Tactics With Cops

The FBI has agreed to share details of how it unlocked an iPhone — but with local police rather than Apple. The bureau’s court battle to force Apple to disable a security feature on the iPhone of the San Bernadino shooter came to an abrupt end this week when officials confirmed they had found a […]

FBI-Apple Battle Takes Surprise Twist

The FBI says it may be able to unlock the San Bernadino shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help. It’s delayed a court case and could make for some awkward outcomes either way. In case you’ve missed it, there’s a great explanation of the technological issues behind the case at the Franklin Veaux blog. The short and […]

Ear Canal Could Be Next Biometric Key

Forget the fingerprint: NEC believes the ear canal could be the secret to biometric identification. It says the system could improve security on confidential phone calls. The company isn’t the first to turn to the ear as a way of confirming identity. Last year Yahoo tested the idea of using phone touchscreens to capture an […]

Free eBook: Implementing SSL/TLS Using Cryptography and PKI (Valued at $39.99)

Here’s our free eBook for today: Implementing SSL/TLS Using Cryptography and PKI (Valued at $39.99.) A hands-on, practical guide to implementing SSL and TLS protocols for Internet security! Coverage includes: Understanding Internet Security Protecting against Eavesdroppers with Symmetric Cryptography Secure Key Exchange over an Insecure Medium with Public Key Cryptography Authenticating Communications Using Digital Signatures […]

Free Ebooks: The 2016 Security Essentials – The Ultimate Defense Kit (a $39.99 value!)

For today’s free ebook, get The 2016 Security Essentials – The Ultimate Defense Kit ,a $39.99 value, for free! Kit includes “Windows Malware Analysis Essentials” plus 3 other resources to help you understand network security. By delving into end to end analysis with real-world malware samples to solidify your understanding, you’ll sharpen your technique of […]

DoD Invites You To Hack The Pentagon

The Department of Defense has challenged computer experts to hack the Pentagon. However, you’ll have to register first or face serious consequences. The idea is to run a more crowdsourced versions of programs where businesses and government agencies ask “white hat” hackers to test their cyberdefenses. Whereas those often involve a flat fee, the DoD […]

Google’s Expands Anti-DDos Tool For News Sites

Google is offering to protect news sites large and small from DDos attacks. It’s extending Project Shield, which was originally only for selected websites. The free service launched a few years ago for around 100 sites which had limited tech resources but were at particular risk of such attacks, including those highlighting human rights and […]

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Managing and Securing Your Passwords (a $5 value)

Here’s a quick deal for you geeks. This deal will only be good for a limited time: The Ultimate Guide to Creating, Managing and Securing Your Passwords, a value of $5, is now free for a limited time! Find practical solutions for your everyday security needs. Password hacks are becoming increasingly common and making sure […]

Mobile Industry Bigwigs Fooled By Bogus Starbucks Wi-Fi

You’d think delegates at Mobile World Congress would be security conscious with their phones. However, one security firm says it found more than 2,000 users who fell for a pretty basic trick. Avast researchers went to Barcelona, host city for the event, and set up three Wi-Fi networks in the airport at a peak time […]