Spam is now 83% of all e-mail

Yes folks, more than eight emails out of every ten sent out today on the net is SPAM. Let’s face it, SMTP really needs a replacement, and while many exist out there, the current messaging infrastructure of the Internet leaves us powerless. Solutions do exist to help you filter all that spam, but regardless of […]

Autopatcher shut down by Microsoft

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Autopatcher, a frequently updated project devoted to compiling all the Windows Updates into a single installation package (geared toward offline system updating and quick system rebuilds), has been shut down by Microsoft as of yesterday (08/29/07). Citing security and intellectual property as reasons for the action, Microsoft contacted the […]

The Prize Steal (Video)

Just imagine yourself in this situation: Someone calls you up to announce that you won a free meal at a local restaurant. You decide to take advantage of this offer and head over to the restaurant at the appointed time and date. When you get back home, you notice that your house has been emptied […]

Brush up on your anti-phishing skills

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] McAfee has posted a quiz on their website to educate users on the nuances of various phishing techniques used by scammers. The quiz runs as part of their Site Advisor campaign, and is actually pretty useful. Even if you have friends who aren’t terribly savvy or observant, this could […]