Half Million Microsoft Servers Hacked

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Gamers in China, desperate to get their powerups by cheating, are seeding Microsoft IIS servers with exploit code that will steal game logins. So far the mass attack has hit over 500k webservers. Brian Krebs has the details, including some of the high-profile webservers affected at his blog on the […]

Imagineering the Spam

Everyone gets spam that makes them scratch their head and wonder, “just what was this spammer thinking?”  Well a cartoonist wondered the same thing and has started a website where he lampoons the worst of the spam with hilarious and clever daily drawings. You can check out the rest at ASpamADay here.  Thanks to Neatorama […]

Upgrade Flash Now: 90 Percent of Windows Hosts Vulnerable

If you’re a heavy Internet surfer and are using Windows, you are probably vulnerable to a bunch of vulnerabilities in Adobe’s Flash Player without knowing it. A new version of the popular software has been just released, fixing seven flaws said to allow remote executable code to be run on a Windows system. From Infoworld here: Adobe has upgraded its Flash Player to fix […]

Followup: Hannaford Used Rapid7 for Security

Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets didn’t know much about cybersecurity, but then again, most companies don’t.   Companies that don’t use a full-time infosec staff rely on security providers to assess their network and provide solutions that fit their size and need, and hopefully, provides protection for them at an acceptable level of risk.  Then those companies […]

Hannaford Data Breach is Likely Much Worse Than Reported

By PatB Contributing Writer, [GAS] Hannaford Brothers Supermarkets, a large New England grocery store chain, reported that they suffered a data breach.  The store’s network was penetrated and hackers were listening in during credit card authorizations.  Already, there are 1,800 confirmed cases of fraud associated with the breach.  At risk are 4.2 Million additional credit […]