So What Is Brain Surgery? [Video]

“Brain surgery” has become a synonym for a particularly complicated and challenging task, but in this six minute video, Doctor Greg Foltz gives a refreshingly clear explanation of exactly what happens in the procedure and how technology assists the skilled surgeons. Sadly this clip is actually from a few years back and Doctor Foltz has since […]

Sweat Glands Creating Fingerprints[Video]

Fingerprints are ultimately nothing more than a pattern of perspiration created by the specific layout of sweat glands on the epidermal ridges that make up the familiar shape. This oddly intriguing timelapse video shows the process in action. [Via: The Awesomer]

Here’s Why You Should Stop Memorizing your Passwords

Here are some excellent reasons to use a password manager instead of coming up with new passwords for every sites you use. I use Dashlane, which is free and is one of the best password managers out there, but there are plenty of others on the web.

Cold Tea Provokes Engineer Data Storm

An engineer from an electronic laboratory disappointed by a gadget has used science to back up a humorously scathing review. ‘Dirty Hormonal’ decided to prove that the USB-powered mug warmer not only didn’t work as advertised, but couldn’t possibly do so while remaining safe. The engineer, who reports having a physics degree and electrical engineering […]

Bletchley Park To Become Codebreaking College

Second World War codebreaking hub Bletchley Park could become a specialist codebreaking college for teams aged 16 to 19. The aim is to educate and recruit cybersecurity workers. As we’ve covered several times, the UK facility helped crack several key German encryption codes, giving Allied forces better intelligence and, by most estimates, shortening the duration […]

The Good Old Admin/Password [Comic]

Back when I was a Sysadmin, I ran into this situation quite frequently at various companies I worked for. I naturally always changed the default username and password to something else, but sometimes, local users were really pissed at me for doing so. Even though I stopped being a system administrator in 2011, I’m fairly […]

UK Cabinet Members Told To Take Off Apple Watches

Britain’s Prime Minister has reportedly banned cabinet members from wearing Apple Watches during meetings. The move is said to be inspired by fears of Russian hackers. The Telegraph newspaper says Theresa May’s decision beefs up an existing policy which meant ministers had to leave their smartphones outside the room during meetings. That was driven by […]

FREE Ebook: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Windows 10 (a $14.95 value) FREE for a limited time!

For today’s free ebook offer, get A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Windows 10 (a $14.95 value) for FREE! Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest and most powerful Operating System but at the end of the day, it’s still software. Like any other software program, it needs to be properly configured and optimized. Learn how to optimize […]