Quantum Skittles Used for Feline Friendly Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment [Video]

Atoms and particles are quirky. Therefore we need an equally quirky thought experiment to understand superposition. You may be familiar with Schrodinger’s Cat. However we are going to use a feline friendly thought experiment that is fun and easy to digest. [Comma Niddy]

Why Are There Righties & Lefties? [Video]

About 10% of the world population is left-handed. But why does handedness exist and what determines which hand is dominant? Scientists have suggested several theories, but the answer may well lie with evolution. [Scishow]

The Scientific Secret to Superhuman Strength [Science Video]

It turns out that superhuman strength may not be so farfetched… [ASAPScience]

Calculus Thrift Shop [Music Video]

A rather entertaining version of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop by three ladies who decided to take a mathematical approach the song. Check it out! [Miranda Johnson | Via]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Raps About the Universe [Video]

I mixed Neil Degrasse Tyson’s audio from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast into a funky rap about the universe. [Andy Greenhaw | Via IO9]

Supreme court strikes down human gene patents

The Supreme court has ruled that human genes can’t be patented. However, synthesized versions of the material can be patented, the judges ruled. In a unanimous verdict, the judges ruled against Myriad Gentics. That’s a firm which registered patents on two genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) which appear to be indicators of women having an increased […]

Dropping Hot Charcoal into Liquid Oxygen (In Slow Motion) [Video]

Watch as the team from the Periodic Videos Youtube channel drop a piece of hot charcoal into liquid oxygen and film the whole process with a high-speed camera. Fascinating. [Periodic Videos | Via IHC]

Rock ‘n’ Rolling on Mars [Pic]

Check out this amazing picture featuring a boulder that went tumbling down a slope on Mars. The photo was caught by the HiRISe camera located aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. What started it up? A Marsquake, a nearby impact, the erosion of its underpinning due to the relentless Martian winds? You can see the boulder […]

A Simple and Elegant Explanation of The Higgs Boson [Video]

Ok, so this video isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it gets its point across very simply and elegantly. Animation for a hypothetical organisation, particles, that make particle physics theories relevant and interesting for the general public. This is a short explanation of the Higgs boson, which I created as part of […]

The Higgs Boson Watch [Pic]

The Higgs boson may have no spin, electric charge, or color change, but the Higgs boson watch has a nice imitation leather band and a spinning second hand that spirals around. The image shows what is believed to be evidence of the Higgs decaying into other bosons during a collision. Available at Amazon.com and at […]

Can Humans Really Feel Temperature? [Science Video]

Can human beings really feel the temperature of the objects they touch? Check it out in the video above, the answer might surprise you. [Minute Physics | Via TA]

OH NOES! The Earth’s Atmosphere is Slowly Leaking Into Outer Space [Video]

… but no need to worry for now, it’ll take a few billion years before we lose our atmosphere this way! [Minute Earth]