The Science of Heartbreak [Science Video]

Why is a ‘broken heart’ so painful? Science explains the pain of heartbreak, and more importantly, how to effectively get over it. [ASAPScience]

Voyager Has Left the Solar System!

NASA has officially confirmed that Voyager 1 has left our solar system. The announcement comes to coincide with the publish of a paper in Science with the understated title “In Situ Observations of Interstellar Plasma With Voyager 1.” The paper details “strong evidence that Voyager 1 has crossed the heliopause into the nearby interstellar plasma.” […]

How to Survive a Lightning Strike [Science Video]

As explained by Minute Earth, if you’re in the middle of a field and don’t have a Faraday suit handy during a lightning storm, the best way to survive a lightning strike is to crouch low while keeping your feet close together. But the best way to avoid lightning strikes is to get inside a […]

What Do We See in The Dark? [Science Video]

Sure, after spending a while in the dark, people can start to see a little better, but does this vision reflect reality? Check out the video to learn more about what Prisoner’s cinema is, and why pirates used to wear an eye patch. [VSauce 3 | Via LS]

Dear Algebra [Pic]

[Via IFLS]

Quantum Networking a Step More Practical

British researchers have successfully tested a method of quantum cryptography that that could make it a more practical system for large-scale communication. Quantum cryptography works by sending each unit of binary data as a light particle (photon) in one of two states, representing a 0 or 1. Not only can this binary information be encrypted […]

Can You Trust Your Eyes? How do you know what you’re seeing is real? [Science Video]

The science behind these amazing illusions may shake your faith in ‘reality’. [ASAPScience]

The Bullet Block Experiment [Science Video]

A bullet is fired upward into the bottom of a block of wood, one time in the exact middle, the other time a little on the side. Obviously, this will launch the block in the air, but in which of the two scenarios will the block go higher? Check out the experiment above to find […]

Why Do We Clap? [Science Video]

Watch as Michael from Vsauce explores the science of clapping and looks at some of the various reasons why people clap. [Vsauce]

10 Amazing Facts About The Planet Mars

We’re getting closer and closer to settling on it that it only seems right to learn a little more in 10 amazing facts about the planet Mars. [All Time 10s]

Bill Nye (The Science Guy!) Aims to Change the World [Video]

In case you still need to be convinced on how awesome a person and a scientist Bill Nye is, I strongly encourage you to watch this clip. Not only was this guy one of my role model back when I was a kid, but he still is today, alongside with Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, and […]