MYSTERY SOLVED! Scooby Doo Has THIS Speech Disorder! [VIDEO]

Kyle Hill, who writes the “Because Science” blog on Nerdist, finally helps answer the age-old question: Just what the heck is up with Scooby’s speech?! [via Nerdist] Advertisements


Online Searches Makes You Feel Smarter

Searching for information online may boost how much you think you know, but it’s just an illusion. That’s the findings of researchers at Yale who’ve published their work through the American Psychological Association. A team led by Matthew Fisher carried out nine experiments, each involving half of participants being asked to search online to research […]

KICKSTARTER ALERT: USB Charger in a Simple, Sleek Wall Coverplate [PICS]

In a stroke of genius, SnapPower has combined a 1-amp USB charger into a simple, thin wall coverplate! As of this writing, there are over 40 days left in its Kickstarter and already the project has exceeded it’s $35,000 by OVER TEN TIMES! Clearly the world is ready for this USB coverplate. And for as […]

Here are Some Hilariously Bad Chemistry Jokes for April Fools’ Day! [Video]

Our friends over at Reactions have released some fun (and often hilariously bad) chemistry jokes for April Fools’ day, and since I never posted their video from last year, I’ve included below as well! [Reactions]

Fossils of Massive Prehistoric Salamander Found in Portugal

A not-so-adorable salamander-like amphibian ruled the shores during the Late Triassic Period. The Metoposaurus algarvensis was “as long as a small car and had hundreds of sharp teeth in its big flat head, which kind of looks like a toilet seat when the jaws snap shut,” according to CBS News. The Metoposaurus was a major […]

Why Computer Color is Broken and How You Can Fix It [Video]

A quick and simple explanation on why computer color is broken. Basically, it all boils down to how people perceive colors and how computers approach the problem through a mathematically correct, even though “broken” to the human eye, algorithm. Fixing this in photoshop is super easy! Just go in “Color Settings” and check the “Blend […]

The Mars One Project Might Be A Scam

We all know about the Mars One trip that everyone has been talking about. Sending humans to inhabit Mars with the knowledge and understanding they WILL die up there, but will also help make huge leaps scientifically. While it sounded like a cool plot for the Interstellar sequel, seems some people may think this is […]

Sugar Vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup – What’s The Difference?

So, What’s the big difference between sugar and high fructose corn syrup? For the answer, check out this enlightening video from our friends over at Reactions: It seems like it’s in just about every product on store shelves: High fructose corn syrup. What is it and how is it different from regular old sugar? Reactions […]