Glass Polymer ‘Self-Heals’ At Room Temperature

A newly created glass polymer can ‘heal itself’ without the need for extreme heat. But suggestions it could be used for phone screens might be a reach. Several polymers already exist with self-healing properties, meaning that with the application of heat they can reform their bonds and thus repair cracks. Aside from the fact that […]

Stunning Slow Mo Footage of a Burning Nitromethane Whoosh Bottle

From Warped Perception: I take the Whoosh Jet Bottle to a different level in this viewer request episode by burning Nitromethane, I have never seen Nitromethane burned in a whoosh bottle before ever, so I was very curious to see what will happen and it looked amazing. I figured since I’m working on so many […]

How and Why do Fish Make Electricity?

Nearly 350 species of fish have specialized anatomical structures that generate and detect electrical signals. Underwater, where light is scarce, electrical signals offer ways to communicate, navigate, find, and sometimes stun prey. But how do these fish produce electricity? And why? Eleanor Nelsen illuminates the science behind electric fish. [TED-Ed]