Birds Gliding Through Thousands of Helium Soap Bubbles Reveal Aerodynamic Trick

An owl bursting through a cloud of bubbles is helping researchers better understand the aerodynamics of flight. Researchers in London have discovered a new way in which birds use their tail to provide lift and so reduce drag while gliding. They tracked the swirling motion of more than 20,000 helium-filled soap bubbles as they were […]

A Visual Explanation of Earth’s Seasons (Northern and Southern Hemispheres) [Video]

Here is an easy to understand animation that explains the science of Earth’s seasons. The video above illustrates the Northern hemisphere, and the one below, the Soutern hemisphere. From Dr James O’Donoghue: The length of time we’re exposed to Sun each day, combined with the Sun’s angle in the sky (high angles = high intensities), […]

The Probability of You Getting a Unique “Real-Life” Superpower Mutation [Video]

From Reigarw Comparisons: From being immune to pain and electricity, to being a prodigy in music, art or even a human calculator, we shall compare the rarest superpower humanity ever known. What is the probability of being ambidextrous, having unbreakable bones or even super endurance? How many people have the Myostatin related muscle hypertrophy? How […]