How do ants know what to do?

Armed with a backhoe and a handful of markers, Deborah Gordon studies ant colonies in the Arizona desert. She asks: How do these chitinous creatures get down to business — and even multitask when they need to — with no language, memory or visible leadership? Her answers could lead to a better understanding of all […]


Morpho Towers: What happens when your mix ferrofluid with music

In the following video, you’ll see a structure composed of two spiral towers sitting in a plate full of ferrofluid, a viscous liquid that is highly saturated with iron particles. As soon as the music starts, a magnetic field is created, which makes the fluid dance up the structure in a bizarre and hypnotic way. […]

Electric transportation on the cheap

Fully electric transportation is still years off for the modern consumer. Sure, anyone can snag a Segway for about four thousand dollars on eBay, but as far as full sized cars go; don’t bet on it. The closest thing to an electric car right now is the Tesla roadster and that bad-boy will run you […]

Experiment of the week: Getting Jiggy with Gummy Bears

Did you know that molten potassium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that reacts violently when put in contact with sugar? Watch what happens when you drop a gummy bear inside a vial containing just a small amount of it.

The Unfolding Process of Evolution

Watch as the evolution process unfolds itself before your eyes in this amazing video featuring fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and finally, primates. Enjoy the show!

The world is ending: Meteorite on track to hit earth next week

Ok… not really, but it will stream by the earth at the relatively close distance of 538,000 km, or about 1.4 times the distance between the Moon and our beloved planet. So did we get your attention? According to NASA researcher Don Yeomans, the object, known as 2007 TU24, has a length of approximately 152 […]

David Gallo: Underwater astonishments

In the following video, oceanographer David Gallo shows jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a shape-shifting cuttlefish, a pair of fighting squid, and a mesmerizing gallery of bioluminescent fish that light up the blackest depths of the ocean. He focuses on the work of two scientists: Edith Widder at the Ocean Research & Conservation […]

Here comes the air-powered car!

Contrary to what TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington thinks, French people are quite intelligent… and once again, they’ve proven to the world that they can live up to their reputation. French engineer Guy Nègre has been working on the concept of an air-powered car for the past 15 years, and his industrious efforts are starting to pay […]