Halo + Robocop = super body armor

By Rob Dunn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Troy Hurtubise, eccentric inventor, has developed the ‘Trojan’ suit. Aside from the unfortunate name, the suit is actually a lightweight, state-of-the-art, exoskeleton body armor which could be utilized by military personnel deployed in dangerous environments. Described by Hurtubise himself as the “first ballistic, full exoskeleton body suit of armor”, […]


Chevy Volt: From concept to reality

Imagine a gasoline-free morning commute. Wouldn’t that be great? It would certainly benefit your wallet, and support the environment. Last year, the engineers at Chevrolet introduced the Volt, a new concept car. The Volt is a new kind of electric vehicle that can be configured to run on regular gas, electricity, bio-diesel and E85 (ethanol). […]

The Principle of Bernoulli (Video)

Watch this crazy scientist as he demonstrates how the principle of Bernoulli works. Bernoulli’s Principle states that in an ideal fluid (low speed air is a good approximation), with no work being performed on the fluid, an increase in velocity occurs simultaneously with decrease in pressure or a change in the fluid’s gravitational potential energy. […]

Is video game addiction a plausible psychiatric disorder?

Will video game addiction soon become a part of the official psychiatric diseases list? That certainly seems to be the wish of a team of medical experts presenting their video games addiction study two days ago at the American Medical Association congress. This report responds to Resolution 421, adopted at the 2006 Annual Meeting, which […]

Video interview with Mr. Wizard from 2005

by Brian Boyko Contributor, [GAS] Saddened as we all are about the death of Don Herbert, a.k.a., Mr. Wizard, I thought it would be appropriate to tell you about a video interview he did in 2005 with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Additionally, the Archive of American Television also has tons of […]

Introducing the X-Finger: A non-robotic prosthetic finger

Here’s a video showing an amazing new finger prosthesis called the ‘X-Finger’ in action. The beautiful thing about the X-Finger is that when installed, it will allow amputees to fully recover their grip and do things that were previously difficult for them to accomplish. The device is fully mechanical and uses the hand’s muscles as […]

Why you should NOT eat Mcdonalds’ food

Yes folks, this video proves that McDonald’s fries and Big Macs are not technically food. Ok, maybe the fries were preserved after all that time because of their salt concentration, but you have to wonder why the Big Mac didn’t start to mold until the third week. What are your thoughts on this? :)

The Universe: Queerer Than We Suppose (Video)

Richard Dawkins is Oxford University’s “Professor for the Public Understanding of Science.” Author of the landmark 1976 book, The Selfish Gene, he’s a brilliant (and trenchant) evangelist for Darwin’s ideas. In this talk, titled, “Queerer Than We Suppose: The strangeness of science,” he suggests that the true nature of the universe eludes us, because the […]