The Great Filter: A Look at Humanity’s Biggest Existential Threats [Video]

The Great Filter is a coin-flip. Is it ahead us, or behind us? There’s plenty of things that the Great Filter could be, let’s look into them and into what the Fermi Paradox is. The Great Filter is whatever event would prevent inanimate matter from forming into expanding, lasting life. [Aperture | Via Nerdist]

Carl Sagan debunks flat Earthers using nothing more than a piece of cardboard [Video]

A short segment of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos show that talk about how Eratosthenes (276 BC – 194 BC), a greek mathematician, geographer, poet, and astronomer, discovered that the Earth was round using simple observations. He then goes to prove that the Earth is round using a simple piece of cardboard. [carlsagandotcom]

Doctor Wears 6 Face Masks to Prove They Do Not Lower Oxygen Levels + Important Message from John Cena [Videos]

Irish doctor Maitiu O Tuathail was sick and tired of hearing people claiming that masks can lower your oxygen level, so he decided to do something about it. He hooked himself up to an oxygen monitoring machine and then wore 6 masks one on top of the others. Watch. Gets some of our amazingly geeky […]