Study: Bloggers Are Happy

Ok, maybe not “happy” but at least happier than they used to be. According to “Measuring the Happiness of Large-Scale Written Expression: Songs, Blogs, and Presidents“, a research report from Peter Dodds and Christopher Danforth, two mathematicians from Vermont University, the general mood of bloggers seems to be in an upward trend since 2005. Starting […]

What keeps a train on the tracks while it’s turning?

Most people think that trains stay on the tracks while it’s turning because of the flanges on its wheels. Unfortunately, that’s wrong. Think about this as well – while there’s an axle connecting each of its adjacent wheels, there’s no differential in the middle of it. How does it turn without derailing? In the following […]

Wireless Electricity Demo

Eric Giler, CEO of MIT-inspired WiTricity, wants to untangle our wired lives with cable-free electric power. In the following video, he covers what this sci-fi tech offers, and demos MIT’s breakthrough version, WiTricity — a near-to-market invention that may soon recharge your cell phone, car, pacemaker. With this promising new technology, you may soon never […]