Nanobots navigating your bloodstream

Science fiction or reality: Little robots that can swim through your vascular system to administer medicine to a specific part of your body. Well, according to, a site that showcases some of the most interesting research projects done in Canada, these robots could soon become commonplace. Using microscopic magnetic balls, a scientist from Montreal’s […]

The Dancing Cornstarch

What do you get when you mix cornstarch and water and expose the mixture to the vibration of a subwoofer? Check it out: Amazing, isn’t it? And for those of you who have young kids, this might be a cool science project to do with them. You never know… doing things like this in their […]

Saturn’s Rings Explained

In the following video, Phil Plait of the Bad Astronomy blog (One of our favorite science-related blog here at [GAS]) explains several little known facts about Saturn’s rings, from theories on how they came into existence, to why there is a gap inside them. To the unaided eye, Saturn doesn’t look like much. It appears […]

What if Earth was hit by a meteor?

Ever wondered what would happen if a 500 KM (300 miles) wide meteor would hit Earth during our lifetime? Here’s a simulation presenting the apocalyptic result: Apparently, our planet was hit approximately 6 times in the past by a meteor around that size. Cheery thought for a Friday morning isn’t it? [Via Neatorama]