The future is sooner than you think

By Mark O’Neill Doctor Ray Kurzweil is no ordinary predictor of the future. He doesn’t just make up random predictions and cross his fingers, hoping they come true. He has actually made some predictions that have been mostly spot-on. For example, back in the 1980’s, he predicted the rapid growth of the internet in the […]

Who wants to be an astronaut?

By Mark O’Neill The Canadian Space Agency is looking for worthy candidates to join up as astronauts and blast off into space for them. Interested?  Well, here’s the job description : “Astronaut trainees will train for tours of duty on the International Space Station (ISS), the largest human spacecraft ever built. Astronauts are involved in […]

Phoenix Lander safely arrives on Mars

The Phoenix Mars Lander, NASA’s latest robotic research station, has safely landed on Mars yesterday, sending detailed pictures of the planet’s surface and horizon. The robot will spend the next three months digging into Mars’s soil, searching for signs of life. The following video shows how the station apparently landed on the red planet.