Look Beyond: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Gets an Official Mission Trailer

We don’t yet know what the James Webb Space Telescope will uncover. Will we get answers? Will we have more questions? One thing’s certain: The story of us is a never-ending quest for knowledge. As Carl Sagan said: “We can’t help it.” NASA plans to launch the James Webb Space Telescope on December 24th at […]

21 Interesting and Little Known Facts About Vaccines

“Vaccine facts” seems to have become a surprisingly loaded term over the last couple years, but the history of vaccines is actually full of heated opinions and outlandish ideas. In this video, we drill down to just the facts about vaccination and the history of vaccines. You’ll learn about the first vaccine, what an mRNA […]

Fuel Cell Cars: The Clean Future of Transportation or Gas Guzzlers in Disguise?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars appear to be fantastic: hydrogen and oxygen in, water out. However, if the hydrogen comes from polluting, carbon-emitting power plants, your environmentally friendly vehicle may not be that green after all. Watch this enlightening video from Alex Dainis to find out all about how fuel cells work. [Reactions]

Is Meat REALLY Bad For The Climate? – A Scientific Look by Kurzgesagt

Food is arguably the best thing about being alive. No other bodily pleasure is enjoyed multiple times every day and never gets old. It is an expression of culture, our parents’ love and a means of celebration or comfort. That’s why it hits a special nerve when we are told we should change what and […]