Why Does Your Voice Change as You Get Older?

The human voice is capable of incredible variety and range. As we age, our bodies undergo two major changes which explore that range. So how exactly does our voice box work, and what causes these shifts in speech? Shaylin A. Schundler describes how and why our voices change when we get older. [TED Ed]

Things That Will Kill Your Brain Cells [Science Video]

Are you losing brain cells, right now? Find out in this enlightening video from ASAP Science! [ASAP Science]

Did you know? Pouring a Beer the Wrong Way Can Cause Stomach Aches

How do you pour a beer? Turns out, the most popular pouring method (The one that results in little to no foam) is completely wrong and could cause you stomach issues! You pour it down the sides with vigor and you’re breaking that co2 out. Granted people say that looks like a lot of foam, […]

Dropping Superglue Into a Borax Solution Causes a Surprising Reaction! [Video]

What happens when you mix a large amount of super glue and a warm borax solution? A crazy reaction that’s what! [The King of Random]

How a single-celled organism almost wiped out life on Earth [Science Video]

There’s an organism that changed the world. It caused the first mass extinction in Earth’s history … and also paved the way for complex life. How? Anusuya Willis explains how cyanobacteria, simple organisms that don’t even have nuclei or any other organelles, wrote a pivotal chapter in the story of life on Earth. [TED Ed]

Could the Plague Rise Again? [Science Video]

How likely is a 21st-century epidemic of the plague? Unlike other diseases, the plague is alive and well in some parts of the world, but scientists and doctors are continuing to develop better treatments. [SciShow]

Red Light Is Green Light For Einstein’s Theory

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way has proven one of Albert Einstein’s key predictions is correct: light climbing out of a black hole is ‘stretched’ so that it turns red. The theory of general relativity addressed the issue of how photons would get out of a gravitational well such as a […]

How Air Conditioning Works [Science Video]

Here’s to a marvelous technology! ok…maybe the heat’s getting to us ;) This video actually explains very simply how your A/C works, why we use a certain gas over another, and how it’s cooling magic actually works! Oh, and wink wink science teachers: interesting explanation of change in physical states… Thank you, Chemistry, for making […]