This is the Video You Want to Send to Climate Change Deniers

I’m sure you’ve seen it on the Internet: “Climate change is natural. It’s happened before and it will keep happening”. If you follow scientific litterature and discoveries, you know this isn’t true. Comments like these are the newest kind of climate change denial. In the following video from “Be Smart,” you’ll learn about all the […]

Nearly 10 Hours of JUPITER Rotating in Real-Time! [Video]

Jupiter rotates in 9 hours 55minutes and 30 seconds. It’s the fastest-rotating planet in the solar system as well as the largest! Larger planets tend to be faster because, during solar system formation, they pulled in more material than the other planets. The material it pulled in was already moving, so by picking up more […]

What Happens When a Portal Passes Through Itself [Video]

This video is about what happens if you try to pass a portal (like in the video game Portal or Portal 2) through itself – do you get a paradox? Infinite recursion? Impossibility? Contradiction? The end of the world? Collapse of the wavefunction? Ultimately it ends up looking beautiful and weird and recursive and… just […]

We’re Going Back to the Moon: Watch NASA’s Historic Artemis I Launch Here [Cancelled for Today]

Update: The Artemis I launch attempt was scrubbed for today. Next launch attempt will be on September 2. Watch live as NASA will be launching its Artemis I rocket this morning at 8:33 9:00 AM EST. This launch is historic for many reasons: this is the first time NASA is getting back to the moon […]

Bill Nye Breaks Down Webb Telescope Space Images [Video]

The James Webb Space Telescope has dazzled us with its first batch of images. WIRED got in touch with the one and only Bill Nye to beak down some of these astonishing photos, explaining what we’re really looking at. Bill analyzes some images of the Carina Nebula, Southern Ring Nebula, Stephan’s Quintet and more. [Wired]