Mystery Space Source Emits “Heartbeat” Pattern

Astronomers have detected radio waves with the longest distinct “heartbeat” pattern on record. They say it’s more likely coming from a neutron star than it is a sign of life. Writing in Nature, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers describe a fast radio burst, a batch of intense radio waves. The “clear periodic pattern” repeats […]

How does alcohol cause hangovers? [Science Video]

The molecule responsible for hangovers is ethanol, which we colloquially refer to as alcohol. Ethanol is present in all alcoholic beverages, and generally speaking, the more ethanol, the greater the potential for a hangover. So, how exactly does alcohol cause a hangover— and is there any way to prevent one? Judy Grisel explores the surprising […]

The Science of How Parrots Talk [Video]

Whether they’re belting Beyoncé, head-banging to classic rock, or rattling off curse words at zoo-goers, parrots are constantly astounding us. They are among the only animals that produce human speech, and some parrots do it almost uncannily well. How is this possible? Grace Smith-Vidaurre and Tim Wright dig into the anatomy that allows parrots to […]