36 Unusual Units of Measurement [Video]

A new episode of This is Mental Floss by our pals over at Mental Floss. A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at unusual units of measurement such as a the jiffy, hogshead and micromort. [MentalFlossVideo]

Amazing Animal Defenses [Video]

Check out this interesting video by Kimber Streams (Vsauce2) listing a series of amazing animal defense mechanisms. I especially like how the Mimic Octopus can take the shape of other animals based on their likelihood of survival in various situations. [VSauce 2 | Via LS]

Why Do We Feel Nostalgia?

Thanks to Vsauce, here’s everything you need to know about the concept of “nostalgia.” [Source: Vsauce | Via LS]

What Exactly Is One Second?

James May discusses what exactly a seconds is. He also delves into how time as we know it could have been totally different. This is because the second had many ‘rivals’ over the years that never got their way. [Head Squeeze]

LOL: How Microorganisms Move [Video]

Check out my pal Michael Wilson as he imitates the way various microbes move around. I particularly like his flagellate impersonation. [Coma Niddy]

Bang Goes the Theory: Rocket Science 101 [Video]

Jem Stansfield witnesses the awesome power of rockets with the Bloodhound land speed record project. Incredible HD clip from BBC 1 science series, Bang Goes the Theory. [BBCWorldwide | Via IHC]

The Story of Frozen Food [History + Science!]

The history of frozen food as explained by Minute Earth! [Minute Earth]

Chemistry Dubstep [Video]

Music made from sounds recorded in a chemistry lab, now how awesome is that? [Periodic Videos | Via]

Applied Theoretical Physics: It’s Not my Fault Eva, It’s Physics!

A little quantum mechanics could actually help you talk your way out of some pretty awkward situations… or maybe not. Thanks Steven! [AwkwardSpaceship]

Former Subway workers makes prime number breakthrough

A previously little-known lecturer has made a significant breakthrough in the exploration of prime numbers. Dr Yitang Zhang of the University of New Hampshire has brought mathematics closer than ever before to confirming that twin primes are infinite. A twin prime is simply two consecutive prime numbers that differ only by two. The lowest examples […]

Butter vs Margarine Explained [Video]

What the heck is the difference between butter and margarine, and is one better for you than the other? Get the fatty facts! [AsapScience]

It’s OK to be Smart: Why Music Moves Us [Video]

Why does music make us feel happy or sad? Or angry or romantic? How can simple sound waves cause so much emotion? I went from my comfy chair to the streets of Austin to investigate how it might be written into our neuroscience and evolution. Modern neuroscience says our brains may be wired to pick […]