Programming a Core Subject from Grade 1 in Estonia


Imagine a world where learning the language of computers was a fundamental subject in our education alongside mathematics, languages and sciences. If you think about it, that is actually the world we live in today: programming pervades almost every profession out there to some extent or another, and having a basic understanding of how software […]

Awesome Science Stuff That Happened Today [Sep 5]


It was a good day for science-loving geeks everywhere. Here are the day’s big announcements, from neuroscience to plasma physics. Physicists teleport quantum data 143km between Canary Islands [image] Just a few months ago, researchers in China set a new distance record for transferring quantum (or light) data at 97 kilometers. That record didn’t hold […]

What If Everyone on Earth Jumped at the Same Time? [Video]


Do you know what would happen if everyone on Earth would jump up and down at the exact same time? No? Then watch this video to find out! [VSauce]

Solar Energy Generating Sphere

Ball in Context of Building

People think windmills are ugly (I disagree though – I think they’re quite neat) and that photovoltaic dual-axis solar panels, while efficient, aren’t really any prettier. Well André Broessel from Barcelona has united sleek architecture with intelligent scientific design as an answer to the ‘ugliness’ of renewable energy devices with the “ß torics” system. This spherical […]

Ants get radio “backpacks” to track networking

A thousand British ants are now sporting radios on their backs. It’s part of a project to track how the group forms its own social and informational network. The Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire is run by the National Trust and is home to around 50 million northern hairy wood ants. Despite that number the species […]

How a Slinky Falls in Full Slow Mo [Video]


We’ve already shown you a video of the science behind a falling slinky and some quick slow motion footage to go along with it, but the Slow Mo guys show us how it’s done in extreme slow motion. Check it out! [The Slow Mo Guys]

This Guy Wants to Get Chipped?!


I chanced upon this article where the author is spouting the benefits of getting ‘chipped’. And that’s exactly as Skynet-like as it sounds. He says that to avoid a Wall-E existence for the human race, we must all get chipped and start monitoring our health using accurate data from within our bodies themselves. He himself admits […]

Computer Science Meets Biology in the Anternet


Stanford academics have discovered an unlikely link between the Internet and the harvesting tactics of ants. Balaji Prabhakar and Deborah Gordon are Stanford professors of computer science and biology respectively. Gordon specialises in ants and recently figured out a pattern in the way ants collaborate together to gather food. She mentioned this to Prabhakar, who […]

The Physics of Digging a Hole Through the Earth [Video]


Was it only me who used to sit on the beach as a kid and dig a hole, hoping to one day make a deep enough one to reach the other side of the Earth? Well the guys at minutephysics have contemplated the science of the situation, looking at what would happen if we were to dig […]

A Truly Mixed Cat [Pics]


I know it’s not Saturday, but this is such a feat of biology I thought it was worth posting. This is Venus. This is not a photoshopped picture. She’s what they call a “chimera”, which according to Wikipedia (all hail Wikipedia) means that she “is composed of two or more different populations of genetically distinct cells that originated […]

Bill Nye Lets the Creationists Down Easy [Video]

Screen Shot 2012-08-26 at 12.13.53 AM

Bill Nye basically crushes the creationist viewpoint without so much as an angry word. I would imagine that any hearts Bill Nye has broken were very much ok quickly after…isn’t he just one of the sweetest scientists around? He’s literally saying that creationism is completely false, without doing it in a way that would instantly […]