Magical Moving Matches [Video]

So yeah, I’m not completely sure as to how this works – it seems he’s just adding some drops of water, according to the video description. Anyone care to give us a run-down of the science behind this? [Meanwhile in Russia]

Schrodinger Isn’t Popular with Yahoo Answers Members [Pic]

Poor Schrodinger was just posing a hypothetical… [Via I f***ing love science]

3D printing could work on the Moon

Home Depot has yet to announce plans to open a branch on the moon, but researchers say they’ve taken a first step to making it possible for future astronauts to restock their toolbox. And yes, like so many stories in 2012, it involves a 3D printer. A team at School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering […]

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson addresses the 28th National Space Symposium [Video]

Even though this is a 1+ hour video, I just had to post it since I know you guys are such big fans (and we are too!) of Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Hear him out addressing the audience at the 28th National Space Symposium. [Space Foundation | Via IHC]

Top Scientists and Theologians Weigh In: Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

Purpose, by definition, implies intent or determination, an end goal or a course of action. It’s a useful word, purpose, and one we use fairly often when discussing life’s Big Questions. What is my purpose? Does this object or occupation serve a good purpose? But it’s not a word often associated with the existence of […]

Cool Things to Find (Mars Curiosity Rover) [Parody of “Dumb Ways to Die”]

If you think Dumb ways to Die was awesome, wait till you hear that AWESOME parody featuring the Mars Curiosity Rover by the geeks over at Laughpong. [LaughPong]

A Beautiful Video Tribute to the Mars Curiosity Rover

An absolutely beautiful video tribute paying homage to the Mars Curiosity rover, which is still exploring the red planet as I’m writing this. [Mutant Jukebox – Music & Sound]

Dwarf planet is cold outside; may have no kind of atmosphere

Astronomers have reported on the results of using seven telescopes to take advantage of their first chance to study one of five dwarf planets in our solar system. They were able to get a rare insight into Makemake thanks to it passing in front of a distant star. Makemake was originally considered as one of […]

Happy 57th Birthday Bill Nye! (The Science Guy)

Today marks the 57th birthday of one of the most interesting and fun science popularizer out there: William Sanford Nye, aka, Bill Nye, the science guy. Bill is best known as being the host of the popular Disney children’s show bearing his own name (1993-1997). He has also appeared in countless other shows as a […]

NASA is Building a Real Warp Drive

That’s right; FTL may be closer than we think. And because I thoroughly enjoy it I’m going to say it – more Star Trek technology is coming to life! (In addition to the tractor beams, universal translators, VISORs and, of course, replicators). A physicist named Harold White recently made the landmark announcement that he and […]

Brain-Controlled Toy Helicopters

So you remember how people thought it was cool that you could buy a toy helicopter that could be controlled by your iPhone? That’s got nothing on the Puzzlebox Orbit. Puzzlebox has actually been producing brain-controlled helicopters for classrooms over the past two years. Now, however, they want to take it to a commercial level. […]

Coming Soon: 3D Print Your Own Electronics

It would seem that the University of Warwick researchers are getting tired of simply creating models and toys with their 3D printers. While they think it’s “great seeing the complex and intricate models of devices such as mobile phones or television remote controls” they are working towards being able to print electronics that actually function, […]