Best Desktop Gadgets for Productivity

Konfabulator started the whole thing about 4 years ago. Widgets, little miniature apps that sat on your desktop and provided a dashboard-like set of software controls for a variety of purposes. Started out for Mac OS X because those Apple guys love that kind of thing, but soon spread to Windows. Became popular enough that […]

So THAT’S Where Leopard Went

The TUAWs guys broke this earlier. Seems the Apple marketing machine is dribbling so much drool about the iPhone that Apple can’t take any chances on the little sucker coming out late. And since they also seem to be having geek trouble with it, they decided to do what most managers do when they have […]

Wednesday Night Links Roundup

–Run Applications In Compatibility Mode In Vista Vista is all pretty and shiny, but unfortunately, it is not very adamant when the time to run old programs comes. If you desperately need to install something that Vista frowns upon, you can always try to execute it in Compatibility Mode. –Big Rocks First: Double Your Productivity This […]

AVG Does Freebie RootKit Detector

They’re evil; they’re nasty; we hate them; and we’re still pissed at Sony for bringing them into the limelight. Rootkits. Ugly bits of malware code that dig deep into your OS kernel, there to hide and do their nefarious business beneath the radar of your average AV program. Sony’s ill-thought out rootkit served to ‘protect’ […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The April 2nd Edition

–How to Understand More of What you Read Do you want to understand more of what you read, even when the material seems to be too complex for you? No problem! Just follow Ann McNeal’s four-step guide for reading a research paper. –Office Ergonomics – Make Your Work Hours at the Computer More Comfortable A […]

Run Linux on HP Computers, Lose Warranty

Apparently, installing any distro of Linux on a new HP system could actually void your warranty. That’s exactly what happened to a lady named Laura Breeden when she called HP about an hardware issue on her new Compaq Presario laptop and mentioned that she was running Ubuntu to the support agent. When she called Compaq […]

20 “How To” Vista Tips That Most People Don’t Know

I recently installed Vista on a couple of systems at work, and for the most part, everything went flawlessly. The only problem I experienced so far is not with the OS itself, but more with the users who have trouble using Vista’s new functionalities. So when I stumbled on this great list of “how to” […]

Funniest Microsoft Ad Ever (Video)

Here’s an obviously old (but very hard to find) parody of Tommy Boy done by some top level execs from Microsoft and Compaq. Enjoy the show!