Monday Morning Links Serving: The June 4th Edition

–Use Your Mac Mini as a Media Server Part 1 – Part 2 Apple has been pushing the use of the Macintosh as the heart of one’s media center for a long time now, but more specifically since the release of the Mac Mini. With its compact size, low price and FrontRow, it’s the perfect […]

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Video Interview at D5

Here is a video presenting the highlights of the joint onstage appearance of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at the D5 Conference that took place yesterday near San Diego, California. For those of you who are interested in watching the full interview (Over an hour long), keep on reading.

Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 28th Edition

–You’re Fired! 20 signs that a pink-slip is coming Yep, getting fired can happen to the best of us. Here are 20 questions that will help you determine if a pink-slip is coming your way –Cool Things You Can Do With Google No one would argue the fact that Google is one of the most useful […]

Dell’s Ubuntu Offering — Technical Details

For those of you thinking about getting one of those new Dell Ubuntu systems, you’ll definitely want to head over to, Dell’s official community blog, and read all the latest details about what to expect from Dell’s forthcoming Linux machines. Before we announce the availability of Ubuntu 7.04 on select Dell client systems, I’d […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 21st Edition

–52 Ways to Speed Up OS X 52 Ways to get your old Mac box running faster on OSX –Top 10 Mac OS X tweaks Mac OS X is a great operating system out of the box, but a few simple customizations can make it even better. OS X ships with some odd and sometimes […]

Free Online Linux Courses

If you’ve been thinking of learning about how to use Linux for a while now, but never took the time to do it simply because you didn’t know where to begin, here are a few free online courses that will help get you started. Brian, one of our newest contributor here at [GAS], has recently […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 14th Edition

–How to install Linux applications in OS X – a complete walkthrough This tutorial will take you each and every step of the way through installing Linux programs in OS X – using Fink and FinkCommander. –Replace Windows Explorer with Xplorer2 “Let’s face it: for advanced file manipulation, Windows File Explorer stinks. But like Firefox […]

Monday Morning Links Serving: The May 7th Edition

–11 Things I can do in Linux that I can’t do on Windows Yes, I know, there are * a lot * more then 11 things. Can you name any additional ones? –How to track and recover your Linux laptop if it gets stolen Here’s an interesting tutorial that will show how to set up […]