Windows Vista Ultimate Extras: Extra useless?

By Fred Roth, Contributing Writer, [GAS]  As of this month, the first round of Windows Vista Ultimate Extras have been sent out to customers “lucky” enough to have purchased the highest caliber of Microsoft’s newest operating system. These supplemental downloads are available through Windows Update and are described as “Cutting Edge Programs, Innovative Services and […]

Which Linux distribution should Lenovo boxes run?

Lenovo, the fourth biggest computer manufacturer in the world, is making a poll asking YOU, the consumer, which distribution of Linux should run on their systems. If this kind of thing interests you, go ahead and vote. I’m going to put another poll question up asking which Linux you all would like to see offered. […]

Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Rap (Video)

This is just horrible. Seeing this makes me glad we’re not in the 80’s early 90’s anymore.

Windows Vista performance updates released

Windows Vista users rejoice! Microsoft has just released two new updates that are supposed to improve the performance and reliability of Vista systems. KB938979 addresses the following issues: You experience a long delay when you try to exit the Photos screen saver. A memory leak occurs when you use the Windows Energy screen saver.  If […]

Lenovo will soon offer Linux on Laptops

Lenovo, the third biggest manufacturer of computers in the world, has recently decided that it would soon start offering Novell’s SUSE Linux pre-installed on a large selection of their entry-level to high-end laptops. This announcement comes three months after Dell started selling Ubuntu Linux laptops and desktops in the U.S.  The only major manufacturer that […]

HOW TO: Move Windows shares from one computer to another

While moving your Windows shares from one computer to another might seem pointless for most people, system administrators see great value in doing it efficiently. It is particularly useful in situations where we have to move data from an old server to new one, and we want our users to keep on accessing their files […]

Surf the Net Safely and Privately with JanusVM

Have you ever felt concerned about your privacy while surfing the net? Do you wish you could do something about the situation? If so, then read on. This morning, while having a little fun with VMWare Server, I stumbled on VMWare’s list of free virtualized environments. If you have any VMWare product installed on your box, […]

HOW TO: Delete an Undeletable or Locked File

———— Have you ever run into a situation where you wanted to delete a file, but Windows simply wouldn’t allow you to do it? Personally, these things happen to me all the time, especially when I’m at a client’s house trying to get their machine clean of malware. Have you ever tried deleting a locked […]